Exercise & Quiz Test – 1

Question 1

[1]  RAM is a type of

[A]  Volatile Memory
[B]  Non-volatile Memory
[C]  Tertiary Memory

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 [A] Volatile Memory 
Question 2

[2]  The CPU and the Memory are located on the

[A]  Expansion Board
[B]  Mother board
[C]  Input device
[D] Storage device

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[B] Mother board
Question 3

[3]  POS stands for

[A]  Prepaid off sale
[B]  Postpaid off sale
[C]  Point of sale
[D]  Place of sale

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 [C] Point of sale
Question 4

[4]  A Dumb Terminal is

[A]  An embedded microprocessor
[B]  Extensive memory
[C]  independent processing capability
[D]  keyboard and Screen

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[D] keyboard and Screen
Question 5

[5]  The Impact Printers are

[A]  Dot matrix
[B]  Drum
[C]  Ink jet
[D] All of these

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[D] All of these
Question 6

[6]  The display size of a monitor is measured

[A]  from center
[B]  diagonally
[C]  vertically
[D]  horizontally

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[B] diagonally
Question 7

[7]  The units used to measure the speed of a printer is

[A]  DPS
[B]  PPM
[C]  CPS
[D]  both b and c
[E]  both a and b

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[D] both b and c 
Question 8

[8]  USB stands for

[A]  Utility Standard Bus
[B]  Universal Serial Bus
[C]  Unique Standard Bus
[D]  User Serial Bus

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[B]Universal Serial Bus 
Question 9

[9]  The machine cycle includes

[A]  Execute
[B]  Fetch
[C]  Cache
[D]  Store
[E]  none of the above

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[E] none of the above
Question 10

[10]  Non-Volatile Storage device is

[A]  Floppy Disk
[B]  Compact Disk
[C]  Both a and b
[D]  none of these

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[C] Both a and b