1001 – 1100 Key Points

1001) Most manufacturers setup their BIOS to load into upper memory during the boot process
1002) Device drivers loaded in the config.sys file is loaded into the following memory area: Conventional memory
1003) 40ns memory speeds is the fastest
1004) System software often uses the ROM BIOS
1005) In CMOS setup, if you enable shadowing ROM is copied to RAM
1006) Static variables are local to the block in which they are declared.
1007) During the normal PC boot process, ROM BIOS is active first
1008) During boot-up, the memory test checks and verifies that contiguous memory is installed
1009) 601 error code identifies a floppy drive problem
1010) If you get frequent general protection faults, this could indicate poor quality of memory chips
1011) You are looking at a memory module thought to be a DIMM module. 168 pins would be on a DIMM module
1012) The system BIOS and ROM chips are called firmware
1013) Extended located above the first 1024K of memory
1014) WRAM type of RAM is normally the fastest
1015) RAM component is used for short-term data storage
1016) A SIMM has 40 pins
1017) RAM provides quickest access to data
1018) Narrowcast linking is not a transmission technology
1019) The data flow diagram is for analyzing requirements of user
1020) The elements of computer processing system are hardware, data, users and procedures
1021) On August 23, 2005 an accounting clerk prepared an invoice dated August 31, 2005. Range check control can check this
1022) Library management software is for documenting the changes that are made to program and controlling the version numbers of the programs
1023) Steganography is hiding the data but not necessarily making it invisible and not easily detectable
1024) A computer is an electronic device
1025) An online transaction is transaction done via internet
1026) Using anti-virus software is preventive measure
1027) For security we should consider local data reduction, event correction low resource utilization
1028) OS is not a peripheral of PC
1029) The most common input device used today is keyboard
1030) The third generation of the computer were in 1965-1971
1031) Gateways to allow a network to use the resources of another main frame is a component of internet
1032) Mouse cannot be shared
1033) EDI means electronic data interface
1034) Mainframes network where a huge compute does all computing and front end PCs are dumb terminals
1035) A modem that cannot be moved from its position is called fixed modem
1036) A device that receives data from slow speed devices, and transmits it to different locations is called remote concentrator
1037) Organization would prefer in house development of software to ensure that the development adhere to defined quality
1038) Actual intelligence is not a feature of PC
1039) Network that uses two OSI protocol layers as against three used in X.25 is a “frame relay”
1040) Microsoft excel is versatile application and spread sheet program
1041) System flowcharts show relationship that link the input processing and output of the system
1042) To identifying the system to be tested the penetration testing is done
1043) Platform in computer world means computer hardware and operating systems
1044) A character that retains its value during program execution is constants
1045) Data accuracy is not done by modem
1046) OMR is used to read choice filled up by a student in common entrance tests
 1047) The term remote with respect to network means machine located far off
1048) In two-tier client server architecture the client is usually fat client
1049) The senior management provides the go-ahead approval for the development of projects
1050) Manual data can be put into computer by Scanner
1051) E-mail address is made up of two parts
1052) The normal way to undo a command by pressing the following key combinations together CTRL-Z
1053) The owner of a process is user that invokes the process
1054) In datagram packet switching all the datagram’s of a message follow the same channel of a path
1055) X.25 LAPP uses a specific subset of HDLC protocol
1056) Presentation layer of the OSI reference model is concerned with the syntax of data exchanged between application entities
1057) Edge-triggered D flip –flop memory elements uses an PC circuit at its input
1058) Programs that extend the capabilities of a server are C41 scripts
1059) The primary goal of ISDN is the integration of voice services and non-voice services
1060) Flow control in OSI model is done by transport layer
1061) The optical links between any two SONET devices is called a section
1062) A user can get files from another compute on the internet by using FTP
1063) The key fields which are tested by a packet filtering firewall are source IP address , TCP/UDP source port,destination IP address
1064) The server on the internet is also known as gateway
1065) VBScript can perform calculation of data
1066) In MS-Word, ‘mail merge’ can be defined writing a letter once and dispatching it to a number of recipients
1067) Coaxial cables are good for digital transmission and long distance transmission
1068) LRU is a page replacement policy used for memory management
1069) Commercial TV is an example of distributive services with user control
1070) The exact format of frame in case of synchronous transmission depends on whether transmission scheme is either character oriented or bit oriented
1071) RING topology is least affected by addition/remove of a node
1072) EX-OR gates recognizes only words that have an odd number of 1
 1073) To interconnect two homogenous WAN’s we need a router 
1074) Co-axial cables provides data rates over 50 mbps
1075) The outermost orbit of an atom can have a maximum of 8 electrons
1076) The protocol for sharing hypertext information on the world wide web is HTTP
 1077) ISDN’s basic rate interface (BRI) is also known as 2 D + B
1078) The mode of data transmission of unshielded twisted pair cable is full duplex
1079) Data accuracy is not done by modem
1080) Query is used to answer a question about a database
1081) AM and FM are examples of analog to analog modulation
1082) Redundancy is the concept of sending extra bits for use in error detection
1083) The physical layer is concerned with transmission of bits over the physical medium
1084) The number of input lines required for a 8 to 1 multiplexes is 8
1085) The bar-code (rectangular pattern of lines of varying width and spaces) used for automatic product identification by computer
1086) FSK is most affected by noise
1087) Stack is a LIFO structure
1088) CPU is not an input device of a computer
1089) Program of a computer presented as a sequence of instructions in the form of binary numbers is called machine language
1090) Possible problems with java scrip can be security or limited graphics and multimedia capabilities
1091) For locating any document on the WWW. There is a unique address known as URL
1092) Design view would use to define a table and specify fields
1093) Traversal process is faster for threaded trees compared with their unthreaded counterparts
1094) The command used to display help on any particular command is man
 1095) In C++ programming, the extension of program is .cpp
1096) A generic team that refers to the combination of all commercial transactions executed over electronic media for the exchange of product and services
1097) In DOS, the command used to create a new file is called copy con
1098) Backup helps you to create a copy of the information on your hard disk and saves original data in case data on your computer got damaged or corrupted due to malfunctioning of hard-disk
1099) LAN is usually privately owned and links the devices in a single office, building or campus
1100) In justified type of alignment, text gets aligned along both left and right margins