1101 – 1200 Key Points

1101) The internal programming language for a particular chip is called machine language
1102) The inner core of an optical fiber is glass and plastic in composition
1103) When a small amount of trivalent impurity is added to a pure-semiconductor it is called P-type semiconductor
1104) In MS-Access, a table can have one primary key/keys
1105) In DOS, Deltree command is used to delete all the files as well as sub- directories of a directory
1106) Netscape navigator is a web-browser
1107) Multiplexing involves one path and one channel
1108) Table, form, queries, reports, macros, modules are objects in an access database
 1109) The clown command in UNIX changes home directory of a user
1110) BCD stands for binary coded decimal
1111) When we run a program in HTML coding, notepad is used as backend and internet-explorer works as front end
1112) If the M bit in X.25 standard is set to 1, it means that thee is more than one packet
1113) The modem is a device that connects n input stream outputs
1114) Array is linear data structure
1115) A T.V. broadcast is an example of simplex transmission
1116) Search engine will search its database to find items whose tent contains all or at least one of the words given to it
1117) In UNIX, command “! $” is used to repeat entire less command line
1118) PCM is an example of analog to digital
1119) A simple protocol used for fetching an e-mail from a mailbox is POP 3
1120) For a small web site, one needs to buy space from the ISP
1121) An operating system that acts as an intermediary between user and computer hardware
1122) Attair, the world’s first personal computer, was introduced in the year 1979
1123) Half duplex data flows in both directions, but any one direction at the time
1124) Ring requires a central controller or hub
1125) The OSI model consists of seven layers
1126) The main job of one of the following is to allocate CPU to processes scheduler
 1127) 10,500 valid Min & Max zoom sizes in MS office
1128) Before printing a document you should always use print preview
1129) Excel XP is the latest version of excel
1130) A worksheet can have a maximum of 256 number of rows
1131) Character is not a valid data type in Excel
1132) Formula bar in an Excel window allows entering values and formulas
1133) Direct memory access is a technique for transferring data from main memory to a device without passing it through the CPU
1134) 5 30-bit SIMMS are required to populate a bank on a 486 system that has a 32- bit data bus
1135) SRAM uses a clock to synchronize a memory chip’s input and output signal
1136) Cycle-stealing type of DMA transfer will operate when a CPU is operating
1137) A series 100 POST error code indicates a problem with the system board
1138) You have an old PC that you decide to upgrade with a 1 gig IDE hard drive. You find that you can’t configure CMOS to see the entire hard drive. The best you can do is 540 meg. Then use a device driver that makes the bios see the drive as
1139) When SHADOWING is enabled in computers BIOS Instructions stored in various ROM chips are copied into
1140) POST stands for power on self test
1141) Checking the hard disk while running Windows 3.1, you discover a very large file called 396SPART.PAR. That file is windows permanent swap file
1142) CMOS contains the computer BIOS and maintains its data with the use of a battery for periods when the system is powered down
1143) TSR stands for terminate and stay
1144) LAN is not an inter network
1145) Memory is temporary and storage is permanent
1146) Echo checking cannot assure data accuracy in an application
1147) Focus on manual records is not necessary for computerization system in a bank
1148) Permanent establishment, residence-based, Income based classification are the approaches used to tax online transactions
1149) Computer of computer communication for business transactions is called EDI
1150) Client-server computing is used in Network multi-media
1151) Back up of files is taken for security
1152) Operating system is not a software category
1153) Computer program looking “normal” but containing harmful code is infected by Trojan horse
1154) Private key is used to append a digital signature
1155) Most dangerous risk in leaking of information is ignorance about the existence of risk
1156) IMAP (Internet message access protocol) takes care of E-mail at client side
1157) The CPU has control unit, arithmetic-logic unit and primary storage
1158) 1st generation computer is the bulkiest PC
1159) E-R diagram represents relationship between entities of system
1160) User is technically least sound
1161) Minicomputers is not there during fourth generation computer
1162) Microchip is unique to a smartcard
1163) Internet was started as network for defences forces of America
1164) A program permanently stored in hardware is called firmware
1165) Taking back-up of a file against crash is a curative measure
1166) Simplex transmission technique permits data flow in only one direction
1167) Front end processor relieves the host computer from tedious jobs and does them itself
1168) Software can’t be touched
1169) Physical access to a database can be altered by hiring procedure
1170) The sound signal carried by telephone line is analog
1171) All decisions for LAN are taken by the IT steering committee
1172) An input device gives data to a computer
1173) Correction of program is done by debugging
1174) File transfer is the function of the application layer
1175) A policy on firewalls need not ensure that is logically secured
1176) A modem performs modulation, demodulation, data compression
1177) Personnel security does not fall under the category of operations to be performed during development of software
1178) CASE tool cannot help with understanding requirements
1179) UPC cannot be used for source of data automation
1180) The banks are MICR device to minimize conversion process
1181) MP3 files cannot be navigated using ClipArt browser
1182) Close option in File pull-down menu is used to close a file in MSWord
1183) 3 1⁄2 is the size of a standard floppy disc
1184) When entering in a lot of text in capitals you should use the caps lock key
 1185) Files created with Lotus 1-2-3 have an extension 123
1186) Contents, objects, Scenarios of a worksheet can be protected from accidental modification
1187) Device drivers that are loaded in windows 3.X are loaded into the sytem.ini file
1188) 30 pin SIMM’s, 72 pin SIMM’s, 168 pin DIMM’s types of RAM sockets can be seen on mother boards
1189) The Power on self test determines the amount of memory present, the date/time, and which communicationsports and display adapters are installed in a microcomputer
1190) Virtual memory refers to using a file on the hard disk to simulate RAM
1191) BIOS (ROM) is considered firmware
1192) A population application of computer networking is the WWW of newsgroup called Netnews
1193) a = 10; export a is a valid command sequence in UNIX
1194) Set date will you give in UNIX to display system time
1195) Circuit switched network networks requires that all channels in a message transmission path be of the same speed
1196) The Vi program available under UNIX can be created to open a virtual terminal  
1197) A 4-bit ring counter is initially loaded with 1001
1198) The standard defined for fiber optics is 802.8
1199) Digitizers can be converted from “dumb” to “smart” through the addition of a microprocessor
1200) The extension of database file is given by dbf