301 – 400 Key Points

301) The IBM made the first electronic computer in 1953
302) The silicon based transistor started to made by Gordon Tin in 1954
303) IBM is a company
304) The personal computer invented in 1981
305) 1 Kilobyte is equal to 1024 bytes
306) LCD means liquid crystal display
307) UPS converts DC voltage into AC voltage
308) The word ZIP means Zicxac Inline Pin
309) With the help of Pal switch we can increase or decrease the speed of computer’s processing
310) The full form of MICR is magnetic ink character reader
311) Swift networks are used between banks
312) Panda is a virus
313) Boot sector is hardware
314) Debug searches the fault of any software
315) OCR means optical character recognition
316) The total printout of a program is called listing
317) With the help of ZIP we can decrease the size of any programs
318) We can format the hard disk with the help of Booting
319) CANNED is called as readymade software
320) The process of creating third file by mixing two files is called as mail merging
321) The figures and lines etc. made by computer is called as graphics
322) Each line represents 65 letters in a WordStar
323) Nokia- 7500 is not the example of Micro Processor
324) The first name of the digital computer is Unvake
325) The modern computer was invented in 1946
326) The full form of DOS is disk operating system
327) The expanded form of FORTRAN is formula translation
328) The great revolution came in computer sector in 1960
329) Magnetic tape is called as Input device of computer
330) The first mechanical computer of Charles Babbage is known as punch card machine
331) The IC chip used in computer is generally made in silicon
332) Telephone broadcast is the example of simplex transmission
333) Optical, Mechanical are the kinds of mouse
334) Control panel is used for increasing and decreasing the speed of the cursor of mouse
335) The capacity of modern main frame digital computer is 10(to the power of -12) mbps
336) With the help of my computer we can know about the usage and availability of space in computer
337) We use both MS-Word and page maker for making resume
338) Earliest computers that would work with FORTRAN was second generation  
339) Back Ups in database are maintained for to restore the lost data
340) IDEA is a encryption technique
341) DBRM takes care of storage of data in a database
342) The job of DBMS is to decrease redundancy
343) Digital signatures use encryption for authenticating
344) OS acts as intermediary agency between user and hardware
345) Plotters gives the highest quality output
346) ROM is built in memory in computer
347) FLASH is a RAM
348) PRAM is not a RAM
349) FLASH device is used in cell phones
350) Internal storage is same as the primary storage
351) IMAC is name of a machine
352) First generation computers could do batch processing
353) The analytic engine was created by Charles Babbage
354) Voicemail of GSM service provider has the personal security code for its subscribers
355) Senior manager decided about the division of work with respect to IT security
356) Encrypting file system of window XP professional operating system protects the data of a user, even if the computer is shared between users
357) The .mpeg is the format of a movie file
358) Controlling is NOT required for high level language program before it is executed
359) A plotter is output device
360) 80286 is a hardware part of microprocessor
361) Top-bottom approach can not be the measure of network traffic
362) A switching mode power supply is used for converting raw input power to stabilize DC power
363) Spooler can manage the whole printing process
364) Validity routines control procedures can be used to ensure completeness of data
365) Less expensive than leased line networks is not a characteristic of virtual private networks (PVN)
366) Program policy framework provides strategic direction to an organization
367) Cross bar switches have common control
368) Row-level security is the most basic part for database security
369) Voice recognition software can not be used for converting text into voice
370) The user account can only be created by the network administrator


371) IBM-700 belongs to second generation
372) Allocating adequate bandwidth would help her in speeding up the data transfer over net
373) BCD means binary coded decimal
374) Extended system configuration data is same as BIOS
375) Digitizer is an input device
376) Caramel is the latest platform of Intel Centrio microprocessor
377) RISC is known as storage device
378) NORTON is an anti-virus
379) The system file of an operating system is COM
380) ATMs of bank have real currency
381) A program that converts high level language to machine language is assembler
382) ‘.txt’ files can be made in notepad, MS word, DOS editor
383) .Zip is a compressed file
384) Internet is a WAN
385) MP3 technology compresses a sound sequence to one-twelfth of its original size
386) At a time only one operating system can be at work on a computer
387) If multiple programs can be executed at the same time, it is distributed operating system
388) If the operating system provides quick attention, it is real time operating system
389) Distributed operating system uses network facility
390) FORMAT command in MS-DOS is used for recreating disk information


391) COPY command in MS-DOS is used to copy one or more files in disk drive to another, copy from one directory to another directory
392) REN command is Internal command
393) Tom Burners-Li propounded the concept of “World wide web”
394) The memory address sent from the CPU to the main memory over a set of wires is called address bus
395) MODEM is an electronic device required the computer to connect to the INTERNET
396) A source program is a program which is to be Tran scripted in machine language
397) Virus in computer relates to program
398) Floppy is not a storage medium in the computer related hardware
399) DOS floppy disk does not have a boot record
400) The CPU in a computer comprises of Store, arithmetic and logical unit and control unit