401 – 500 Key Points

401) In computer parlor a mouse is a screen saver
402) UNIVA is the name of the computer which was first used for programming and playing of music
403) The IC chips for computer is prepared from silicon
404) Database management systems are comprised of tables that made up of rows called records and columns called fields
405) Nano is equal to 10(to the power of -9)
406) In computers RAM is a non-volatile memory
407) Disk and tape drives are commonly used as hard copy
408) When computer is connected to LAN and data is sent across it for storage/processing is online processing
409) The primary storage unit is also referred to as internal storage
410) Oracle is not an operating system
411) Data are raw facts and figures
412) Holding of all data and instructions to be processed is one of the functions of storage unit
413) To select the entire row in Excel, click mouse at row heading
414) Database is known as structured data
415) Normal view and outline view notes pane appears in power point
416) The user protection feature of an operating system is required in multi-user system only
417) In word, Ctrl + Del combination of keys press to delete an entire word
418) In MS-Word double clicking a word selects the word
419) Word document can be navigated in web layout view
420) In Excel, addressing mode(s) that can be used in a formula is/are only absolute and relative
421) Note page views can you use to show just the slide and its contents
422) Hardware that adds two numbers is arithmetic logical unit
423) The computer as a machine and all other physical equipment associated with it are termed as hardware
424) Plotters are very useful in applications such as computer aided design
425) Corel DRAW is a graphic package
426) The print to file option creates .prn file
427) The enhanced keyboard contains 101 keys
428) Data processing cycle consists of input cycle, output cycle and processing cycle
 429) Page Setup is not an option of Edit menu
430) Radar chart is used to show a correlation between two data series
431) A computerized business information system includes hardware, software and data facts
432) Purchase order file is a transaction file
433) A typical computerized business application system will have both master and transaction file
434) Problem identification is taken first in designing a program
435) The purpose of the EXIT command is to get out of a condition loop
436) Employees details is a master file for the pay roll system
437) A slow memory can be connected to 8085 by using READY
438) A processor needs software interrupt to obtain system services which need execution of privileged instructions
439) A CPU has two modes- privileged and non-privileged. In order to change the mode from the privileged to the nonprivileged,a software interrupt is needed
440) Swap space resides at disk
441) The process of assigning load addressed to the various parts of the program and adjusting the code and data in the program to reflect the assigned address is called relocation
442) 1 Sector= 4096 bytes
443) Two stacks of size required to implement a queue of size n
444) 1 Floppy = 6, 30,784 bytes or 308 KB
445) Consider a machine with 64 MB physical memory and a 32-bit virtual address space. If the page size is 4 KB, then size of the page table is 2 MB
446) Consider a virtual memory system with FIFO page replacement policy. For an arbitrary page access pattern, increasing the number of page frames in main memory will always decrease the number of page faults
447) Consider a scheme R(A, B, C, D) and functional dependencies A->B and C-> D. Then the decomposition of R into R1 (AB) and R2 (CD) is dependency preserving and lossless join
448) Main memory requires a device driver
449) RAM can be divided into 2 types
450) Two friends suitably arrange 4 blocks of different colors to exchange coded information between them. 4 bits of information is one exchanging each time
451) Cache memory is a part of main memory
452) The number 43 in 2’s complement representation is 01010101
453) The 8085 microprocessor responds to the presence of an interrupt by checking the TRAP pin for ‘high’ status at the
end of each instruction fetch
454) All machinery and apparatus of computer is called hardware
455) The number 1024 bytes is the complement representation of 1 Kilo byte
456) System design specifications do not include blueprint showing the layout of hardware
457) Web pages are uniquely identified using URL
458) The results of arithmetic and logical operations are stored in an accumulator
459) The input device that is closely related to touch screen is the light pen