801 – 900 Key Points

801) We are shifting towards computerization because technologies help in meeting the business objectives
802) Spiders search engines continuously send out that starts on a homepage of a server and pursue all links stepwise
803) Static keys make a network insecure
804) Joy Stick is an input device that cannot be used to work in MS Office
805) Artificial intelligence can be used in every sphere of life because of its ability to think like human beings
806) To avoid the wastage of memory, the instruction length should be of word size which is multiple of character size
807) Electronic fund transfer is the exchange of money from one account to another  
808) Format menu in MS Word can be use to change page size and typeface
809) Assembly language programs are written using Mnemonics
810) DMA module can communicate with CPU through cycle stealing
811) A stored link to a web page, in order to have a quick and easy access to it later, is called bookmark
812) B2B type of commerce is characterized by low volume and high value transactions in banking
813) Advanced is not a standard MS Office edition
814) Workstation is single user computer with many features and good processing power
815) History list is the name of list that stores the URL’s of web pages and links visited in past few days
816) FDDI access mechanism is similar to that of IEEE 802.5
817) MS Office 2000 included a full-fledged web designing software are called FrontPage 2000
818) Macintosh is IBM’s microcomputer
819) X.21 is physical level standard for X.25
820) Enter key should be pressed to start a new paragraph in MS Word
821) Main frame is most reliable, robust and has a very high processing power.
822) Formatting of these toolbars allows changing of Fonts and their sizes
823) The ZZ command is used to quit editor after saving
824) The program supplied by VSNL when you ask for internet connection for the e- mail access is pine
825) The convenient place to store contact information for quick, retrieval is address book
826) Digital cash is not a component of an e-wanet
827) For electronic banking, we should ensure the existence and procedures with regard to identification of customers who become members electronically
828) Jon Von Neumann developed stored-program concept
829) Hardware and software are mandatory parts of complete PC system
830) Firewall is used in PC for security
831) Two rollers are actually responsible for movement of the cursor in mouse
832) In case of a virus getting into computer NORTON will help
833) Tour the server room is to be done by the auditor while internet banking services audit
834) Documentation while developing a software for a Bank is required for auditing
835) Water supply has not become computerized
836) Concurrency control in distributed database supports multi-user access
837) Fifth generation computers are knowledge processors
838) Transistors were first used in 2nd generation computers
839) Intelligence is not a characteristic of a computer
840) A camera is an processing machine
841) To protect organization from virus or attacks all mails sent and received should be monitored, all messages should be encrypted, E- mails should be used only for official purpose
842) Internet collects millions of people all over the world
843) A computer based information system is a system in which a computer is used to process data to get information
844) The time between program input and outputs is called execution time
845) Third generations of computers have On-line real time systems
846) MIME is a compressor that packages different formats into SMTP compatible type
847) The earliest software was developed using the waterfall model
848) EDI e- commerce system can handle non monetary documents
849) Collection to tracks on a disk forms spindle
850) A disk where number of sectors are fixed is called hard sectored
851) Half duplex transmission techniques let computer to alternatively send and receive data
852) Multiplexing combines signals from different sources into one and sends on a faster channel
853) Message switcher chooses correct data path for an incoming message and forwards it to relevant line
854) Speech recognition use thermal sensors along with infrared rays for identification
855) Trojan horse are self replicating malicious code independent of the action of the user, but slow down the processor on entering a network
856) Generation of PIN in bank ATM would require PIN entered is encrypted
857) Availability, integrity, confidentiality is most necessary for data to be useful
858) Grid is a supercomputer created by networking many small computers
859) A character that changes its value throughout the program is called variables  
860) A program coded in programming is done by assembling
861) In write mode of file existing text is replaced by new one
862) When an organization gives contract for development of a software, it has to give data to the service provider. In such cases, the ownership of data should be with the client/organization that outsource services
863) Under a centralized organization Intranet be an effective networking tools
864) For optical fiber used in point to point transmission, the repeater spacing is 10- 100 km
865) Favorites are accessible from the start menu
866) Task pre-emption, task priority and semaphores are not needed by server program from an operation system
867) The objective of multiprogramming operating system is to maximize CPU utilization
868) The environment provided to ASP is based on Client/server
869) HUB is layer1 device, central device, dumb device
870) The UNIX, echi command is used to display the message or value of any variable on the screen
871) QAM is used in high speed modem
872) Frame Relay technique uses connection oriented
873) Bipolar always has a non-zero average amplitude
874) In a SONET system, an add/drop multipliers can remove signals from a path
875) The server on the internet is also known as Host
876) For multiple branching in ‘C’ we use switch statement
877) Web site is a collection of HTML documents, graphic files, audio and video files
878) The first network that initiated the internet was ARPANET
879) In MODEMS a digital signal changes some characteristic of a carrier wave
880) The binary values are represented by two different frequencies in frequency shift keying
881) Messenger mailbox is present in Netscape communicator
882) Switching is a method in which multiple communication devices are connected to one another efficiently
883) A bridge recognizes addresses of layer 3
884) EPROM is permanent storage device
885) “.TIF” extension name stands for tagged image format
886) The overhead using BRI is 10 percent of the total data rate
887) In programming languages the key word “Void” means it does not return any value when finished
888) The keyboard shortcut to restart your computer is Ctrl + Alt + Del
889) FORTRAN is not a programming language
890) The instruction LOAD A is a one address instruction
891) MS-Excel is also known as spread sheet
892) Manchester encoding is used in Ethernet technology
893) The instruction of a program which is currently being executed are stored in main memory
894) In DOS environment, the command used to save the file is ^Z
895) All high level language uses compiler and interpreter
896) In html coding …… tag is used to display a paragraph
897) In HTML coding, the following attributes color, size, face used in font tag
898) DHTML stands for dynamic hyper text markup language
899) Fiber optics cable supports data rate up to 100 mbps to 2 gbps
900) In Photoshop software we can modify, delete, and edit the image