901 – 1000 Key Points

901) Most common channel used by networks today is telephone lines
902) Sybase SQL server and Microsoft SQL server 7.0 is not an example of RDBMS  
903) In programming language, Null point is used to tell end of linked list
904) A technique which collects all deleted space onto free storage list is called garbage collection
905) Node to node delivery of the data unit is the responsibility of the data link layer
 906) Insulating material is the major factor that makes co axial cable less susceptible to noise than twisted pair cable
907) A data communication system covering an area the size of a town or city is MAN
908) Virtual memory system allows the employment of the full address space
909) The basic circuit of ECL supports the OR-NOR logic
910) Micro instructions are kept in control store
911) In HTML coding no shade attribute of HR tag suppresses the shading effect and fields a solid line
912) Internet domains are classified by their functions. In that regard “.com” represents commercial
913) HTTP in URL stands for hyper text transfer protocol
914) The “Nyquist theorem” specifies the minimum sampling rate to be twice the bandwidth of a signal
915) Memory allocation at the routine is known as dynamic memory allocation
916) In HTML loading,tag is used for displaying a new line
917) HTTP protocols are used by internet mail
918) A policy on firewalls needs not ensure that it is logically secured
919) The script which is designed to receive value from the web users is java script
920) GET method and HEAD method is the C91 method of involving a C91 program
 921) Analog switched line telephone service is least expensive
922) A toll used to find a synonym or antonym for a particular word is thesaurus
923) In C++ coding, Cout<<”tent”; is used to display character or strings or numeric screen
924) In this processing, a number of jobs are put together and executed as a group batch processing
925) The process of finding and correcting errors in a program is a process called debugging
926) cn pass command is used to change your password in UNIX system
928) If there are 5 routers and b networks in an internet work using link state routing, there will be 5 routing tables
929) A scripting language similar to HTML and which runs only on a browser is java script
930) By RAID technique, data is stored in several disk units by breaking them into smaller pieces and storing each piece in separate disk
931) The most popular network protocol whose routing capabilities provide maximum flexibility in an enterprise wide network is known as TCP/IP
932) New group that enable you to communicate with other Microsoft windows user about issues and concerns with your computer
933) Analog-digital conversion type needs sampling of a signal
934) In an optical fiber, the inner core is less dense than the cladding
935) Six types of heading are available in HTML
936) RDBMS is an acronym for relational database management system
937) In MS-Word, page layout view is also known as true WYS/WYG
939) Transmission media are usually categorized as guided or unguided
940) A virtual circuit is the physical connection between an end point and a switch or between two switches
941) Passing of the frame to next station can happen at a token ring station
942) R-C coupling method is suitable for voltage amplification
943) Normal is not a type of HTML pages
944) In HTML coding <LI> tag is used for denoting items in a list of type <UL>
945) In MS-Word the keyboard shortcut F7 used for spelling and grammar check
946) DBMS is not an operating system
947) HTML is basically used to design web-site
948) In HTML coding, Dynamic web-pages are created in advance of the user’s request
949) In Dos, primary name of a file can have a maximum of 10 characters
950) du command is used to show file system disk usage in UNIX
951) Maximum length of a text file is 255 characters
952) Frame format of CSMA/CD and Ethernet protocol differ in the block error control
953) On an Ethernet LAN implementation with 10 base 5 the maximum number of segments can be five
954) Overflow condition in linked list may occur when attempting to create a node when linked list is empty
955) Code segment register is where the microprocessor looks for instruction
956) Web-site is collection of web-pages and Home-page is the very first page that we see on opening of a web-site
957) The subsystem of the kernel and hardware that cooperates to translate virtual to physical addresses comprises memory management subsystem
958) A device operating at the physical layer is called a repeater
959) FORTRAN is a mathematically oriented languages used for scientific problems
960) If we want to convert the text which is in small letters to capital letters then select the required text and press Shift +F3
961) Datagram packet switching uses the entire capacity of a dedicated link
962) In the datagram approach to packet switching, each packet of a message follows the same path from sender to receiver
963) FDM technique transmits analog signals
964) X.21 protocol consists of only physical level
965) In a dedicated link, the only traffic is between the two connected devices
966) In a start topology, if there are n devices in network, each device has n-1
967) A unique number assigned to a process when the process first starts running PID
968) Modems is necessary for multiplexing
969) In MS-Word WYSIWYG stands for what you see is where you get
970) The primary purpose of shutdown procedure in UNIX system is that all active process may be properly closed
971) In time- division circuit switching, delivery of data is delayed because data must be stored and retrieved from RAM
972) Subnet usually comprises layers 1 & 2, layer 1 through 3 of OSI model
973) An image in a web-page can be aligned left and right using HTML coding
974) RFC stands for request for comment
975) Packet filtering firewall and proxy firewall is not a type of firewall
976) Most news reader’s presents news groups articles in threads
977) The sharing of a medium and its path by two or more devices is called multiplexing
978) Sending messages, voice, and video and graphics files over digital communication link is done by the method e-mail
979) In a computer network, a computer that can control a group of other computers for sharing information as well as hardware utilities is known as server
980) Telephone number, zip code is defined as a numeric field
981) In shell programming, tr command is used for character translation
982) Cat text>>output would append a file called test to the end of a file called output 983) In a network with 25 computers, mesh topology would require the more extensive cabling
984)  Dialog control is a function of the presentation layer
985)  The program which takes user input, interprets it and takes necessary action is shell
986)  Most appropriate data structure in C to represent linked list is array
987)  Menu bar is usually located below that title bar that provides categorized options
988)  Latest version of Microsoft Word is Word XP
989)  You save your computer files on disc and in folders
990)  when the text automatically goes onto the next line this is called word wrap
991)  WYSIWYG is short for what you see is what you get
992)  Left justify is the same as align left
993)  To put text on the right of the page use the align right button
994)  Lotus 1-2-3 is a popular DOS based spreadsheet package
995)  65,535 characters can be typed in a single cell in excel
996)  Comments put in cells are called cell tip
997)  Getting data from a cell located in a different sheet is called referencing
998)  A numeric value can be treated as a label value if it precedes with apostrophe
999)  Data can be arranged in a worksheet in an easy to understand manner using auto formatting, applying styles, changing fonts
1000) An excel workbook is a collection of worksheets and charts