English Quiz – 26 (Antonyms )

1. There is always a CONTRADICTION between his words and deeds. Find the Antonym.

a) Compatibility
b) Contrast
c) Conflict
d) Divergence
Answer a) Compatibility.

2. People took advantage of his AMENABLE nature. Find the Antonym.

a) Affable
b) Understanding
c) Humane
d) Obstinate
Answer d) Obstinate

3. Most of those present did not know how to react the PROFANE act. Find the Antonym.

a) Blasphemous
b) Sacrilegious
c) Agnostic
d) Pious
Answer c) Pious

4. The use of pesticides is PERNICIOUS. Find the Antonym.

a) Beneficial
b) Deleterious
c) Baleful
d) Immanent
Answer a) Beneficial.

5. My friend is INDISPOSED to the proposal. Find the Antonym.

a) Loath
b) Disinclined
c) Amenable
d) Reluctant
Answer c) Amenable