English Quiz – 100

1. It is hard to believe the __________ of operations involved in this activity.

a) magnitude
b) size
c) scale
d) preparation
e) significance
Answer c) scale

2. He appeared on stage ___________ a narrator of the drama.

a) as
b) what
c) about
d) whatever
e) always
Answer a) as

3. It is required that you fill out these two __________ to register for the job.

a) forms
b) applications
c) relevance
d) statements
e) views
Answer b) applications

4. As a last __________ we had to accept these terms and conditions.

a) resort
b) step
c) attraction
d) spot
e) means
Answer a) resort

5. Even _________ the book doesn’t draw from political characters; the possible coincidence is not missing.

a) while
b) though
c) until
d) when
e) if
Answer b) though

6. Find the error in the following sentence.

a) After the cash-strapped corporation
b) expressed its inability to provide funds
c) for various developmental works, the office bearers of the civic body started
d) lobbying at special financial aid from state governments.
e) No error
Answer d) lobby – to try to influence a politician or a government and persuade them to support or oppose a change in the law. for/against should be used with it.

7. Find the error in the following sentence.

a) Three things are
b) essential for a start up to succeed
c) a product that is demand
d) a good team and as well as a minimum expenditure.
e) No error
Answer d) “As well”, “and” are synonymous. Only one of them should be used here.

8. Find the error in the following sentence.

a) We will have at
b) some point of time in our lives
c) wondered if we are actually
d) being too nice to someone.
e) No error
Answer d) “too” is used to show excess(negative). Hence, being very nice to someone… should be used here.

9. Find the error in the following sentence.

a) Anticipating a foggy winter,
b) the railway authorities have
c) decided to
d) cancel thirty trains.
e) No error
Answer d) here, cancel the operations of thirty trains…should be used. The operation is cancelled, not the train.

10. Find the error in the following sentence.

a) New businesses today
b) are increasing focussing on
c) introducing various perks and motivation programmes
d) to help retain employees.
e) No error
Answer c) an adjective qualifies a noun. Hence, introducing .. and motivational (adjective) programmes should be used here.