English Quiz – 109

1. When your __________ your tomorrow will be beautiful and future will be brighter.

a) well-planned life is long
b) well planning has long life
c) long well-planned is life
d) long life is well-planned
Answer d) long life is well-planned

2. The __________ is thick with rumours.

a) environment
b) air
c) atmosphere
d) climate
Answer b) air

3. His problem is that he is ____________ in battle mode.

a) promptly
b) hardly
c) constantly
d) fairly
Answer c) constantly

4. Juvenile crime _________ are shocking and on the rise.

a) figures
b) signal
c) rate
d) digits
Answer a) figures

5. When Nehru chose Le Corbusier to _________ Chandigarh after partition, his justification signalled the hopes of a brighter future for the country.

a) constitute
b) destroy
c) reform
d) design
Answer d) design

6. My stock broker always advises me to put my cash into “blue-chip” stocks.

a) new
b) sure finan-cial winners
c) foreign
d) loss-making
Answer b) sure finan-cial winners

7. Let us sit on the verandah and “chew the fat” for a while.

a) have a conversation
b) have a cup of tea
c) have a breakfast
d) take rest for a while
Answer a) have a conversation

8. My sister told me to “chill out” when I began getting irritated with my brother’s taste in ramp music.

a) co-operate
b) rebuke
c) praise
d) cool down
Answer d) cool down

9. In Hong Kong everything is so expensive that couples go out to drink and eat “Dutch treat”.

a) cheap foods
b) share the cost equally
c) foot the bill separately
d) avoid costly meals
Answer b) share the cost equally

10. Don’t “zoom off” so quickly.

a) be angry
b) decide
c) depart
d) spend money
Answer c) depart

11. The executives are likely to “get the axe”.

a) lose the job
b) get incentive
c) get promotion
d) get transferred
Answer a) lose the job

12. Examine the report with a “fine-tooth comb”.

a) cursory glance
b) routine job
c) avoid the importance
d) examine something carefully
Answer d) examine something carefully