English Quiz – 110

1. Find the error in the following sentence.

a) Our director has
b) just returned
c) back from
d) the centre.
e) No error
Answer c) back from (both back and returned is giving same meaning).

2. Find the error in the following sentence.

a) The four broad stages
b) from which society had
c) evolved were designated
d) by Marx as Asiatic, ancient, feudal and bourgeois.
e) No error
Answer b) from which society had. Replace ‘from’ with ‘through’

3. Find the error in the following sentence.

a) I believe that
b) science is more
c) preferable
d) to arts.
e) No error
Answer b) science is more. Delete ‘more’ (‘more’ and ‘preferable’ both are used for comparison. It is wrong to use two comparative degree words simultaneously).

4. Find the error in the following sentence.

a) Turkey shot dead
b) a Russian war plane
c) on the Syrian border
d) on Tuesday.
e) No error
Answer a) Turkey shot dead. Replace ‘dead’ with ‘down’ (dead is used for living things. Since war plane is a non-living thing, we should use shot down not shot dead).

5. Find the error in the following sentence.

a) Air pollution levels in Delhi,
b) the world’s most polluted city
c) in terms of air quality,
d) will worsen as smoggy days near.
e) No error
Answer e) No error

6. The impact of China’s economic __________ on India will be largely dependent on how the country __________ on policy reforms.

a) delays, ceases
b) retards, halts
c) stalls, stops
d) slowdown, proceeds
e) process, waits
Answer d) slowdown, proceeds

7. Many of the deals that have happened this year have been ________ by an increase in sales and restructuring of stressed assets as highly ___________ firms tried to reduce debt.

a) impelled, devalued
b) driven, leveraged
c) motivated, demoted
d) obsessed, promoted
e) steered, degraded
Answer b) driven, leveraged

8. If China is going to __________ its domestic demand, it would also mean that it would be exporting less and certainly its export ___________ will be slowed down.

a) reorganise, enlargement
b) rejuvenate, boost
c) reorient, growth
d) destroy, production
e) raze, failure
Answer c) reorient, growth

9. High street brand H&M is set to _________ the Conscious Executive collection in __________ with the Musee des Arts Decoratifs, located in Paris.

a) hold, concert
b) fire, working
c) discharge, association
d) keep, collusion
e) launch, collaboration
Answer e) launch, collaboration

10. Radical innovation is the key to reducing emissions __________ the medium and long term, but it will not stop climate change from __________ worse in the meantime.

a) over, getting
b) in, gaining
c) for, making
d) failed, doing
e) upto, so
Answer a) over, getting