English Quiz – 112

1. Telecom regulator TRAI has asked Reliance Communication to keep services of ‘Free Basics’ in __________ till the issue on differential pricing is __________ out.

a) inactivity, arranged
b) suspension, fixed
c) waiting, arrived
d) abeyance, sorted
e) action, put out
Answer d) abeyance, sorted

2. The centre is funding a research project on 5G technology being _______ by the country’s premier academic institutions with an _________ of 37 crore.

a) attempted, expense
b) tried, investment
c) launched, income
d) tackled, expenditure
e) undertaken, outlay
Answer e) undertaken, outlay

3. Internet _________ Letv has launched its ________ ‘super-phones’, billed as the world’s first smartphones with mirror-surfaced fingerprint recognition technology.

a) conglomerate, flagship
b) cluster, programme
c) company, flop
d) entity, last
e) giant, leading
Answer a) conglomerate, flagship

4. Buses, trucks and taxis that are more than 15 years old could __________ themselves being summarily ___________ next year in view of the growing pollution in the city.

a) discover, accepted
b) find, euthanised
c) trouble, thrown out
d) pride, discarded
e) boast, rejected
Answer b) find, euthanised

5. A __________ on black money had led to __________ of undisclosed income of over sixteen thousand crores since March 2014.

a) clampdown, failure
b) suppression, expose
c) crackdown, detection
d) repression, revelation
e) stop, unearthing
Answer c) crackdown, detection

6. I am “looking forward to see” you soon.

a) looking forward for see
b) looking forward to seeing
c) looking towards to see
d) looking towards forward see
e) No correction required
Answer b) looking forward to seeing. After looking forward to ‘v + ing’ is used.

7. “In December, India will overtake” the US as the second largest internet user base in the world.

a) By December India will overtake
b) By December India will take over
c) Till December India will overtake
d) Up to December India will take over
e) No correction required
Answer a) By December India will overtake

8. “If I was You” I would not let him go.

a) If I am you
b) If I were you
c) If I have been you
d) If were I you
e) No correction required
Answer b) If I were you. In subjunctive mood, even with singular noun ‘were’ is used.

9. “Since we are living” in Delhi, we are unwilling to move to another city.

a) When we were living
b) Having that we are living
c) Since we have been living
d) Being that we are living
e) No correction required
Answer c) Since we have been living. In present perfect continuous tense ‘has been/have been’ is used. Since the subject ‘we’ is plural hence use ‘have been’ in place of ‘are’.

10. The Employees’ provident Fund Organisation “is visiting their” decision to invest in equities in the current year.

a) has visited their
b) are visiting their
c) is to revisit her
d) is revisiting its
e) No correction required
Answer d) is revisiting its