English Quiz – 114

1. The government is planning to set ___________ family welfare centres for slums in cities.

a) another
b) with
c) for
d) in
e) up
Answer e) up

2. Economic independence and education have ___________ women more assertive.

a) prepared
b) made
c) marked
d) resulted
e) adjusted
Answer b) made

3. In the modern world, the ___________ of change and scientific innovation is unusually rapid.

a) supplies
b) context
c) pace
d) fantasy
e) requirement
Answer c) pace

4. The unprecedented economic growth of China has ___________ worldwide attention.

a) perceived
b) proposed
c) neither
d) astonished
e) attracted
Answer e) attracted

5. Each business activity ___________ employment to people who would otherwise be unemployed.

a) taking
b) finds
c) creates
d) provides
e) given
Answer d) provides

6. During the recession many companies “will be forced to” lay off workers.

a) have the force to
b) be forced into
c) forcibly have
d) forcefully
e) No correction required
Answer e) No correction required

7. He wanted “nothing else” expecting to sleep after a Stressful day at work.

a) nothing better than
b) anything else unless
c) nothing but having
d) nothing else than
e) No correction required
Answer a) nothing better than

8. Ramesh took charge of the project, within a few days of “having appointed ?”

a) having an appointment
b) being appointed
c) after being appointed
d) appointing
e) No correction required
Answer c) after being appointed

9. It is difficult to work with him because he is one of those persons who think he is always right.

a) think they are always
b) always thinks he is
c) is always thinking they are
d) always think his
e) No correction required
Answer a) think they are always

10. Foreign businesses in developing countries have usually problems with lack of infrastructure and rigid laws.

a) usual problems as
b) usually problems on
c) as usual problems like
d) the usual problems of
e) No correction required
Answer d) the usual problems of