English Quiz – 41 (Mixed Topics)

1. Find The Error

a) He said though Mr. Modi
b) had been in power for over a year now,
c) prices of essentials have gone up
d) despite of coming down.
e) No Error
Answer d)

2. Find The Error

a) One of my dream project is
b) to create an institution where
c) I can have youngsters come
d) and learn professional acting
e) No Error
Answer a)

3. Find The Error

a) These kind of cars
b) seem to be expensive
c) but it is relatively
d) economical to maintain then
e) No error
Answer a)

4. Find The Error

a) It was him who suggested
b) that you be at the door
c) to welcome each participant
d) on his arrival
e) No error
Answer a)

5. Find The Error

a) He opposed to the plan of action
b) not because it is ill conceived
c) but that it
d) seems impractical
e) No error
Answer c)

6. _______ is he in Chennai _____ he calls his wife Kalpana.

a) While ; then
b) As soon as ; sure
c) No sooner ; than
d) Whenever ; then
Answer c)

7. ______ he was most eager to reveal the secret he exercised some _______.

a) Even though ; tolerance
b) Though ; restraint
c) Instead ; check
d) Because ; Practice
Answer b)


8. ______ to your personal computer is the only thing for which I have ever ______.

a) Entry ; demanded
b) Access ; set out
c) Password ; asked
d) Access ; craved
Answer d)

9. The Principal’s _______ answer led to an ______ from the students.

a) responsible ; strike
b) persuasive ; protest
c) evasive ; outcry
d) justified ; agitation
Answer c)

10. It is not easy to ______ you own life if you live ______ inquisitive neighbors.

a) live ; with
b) lead ; among
c) enjoy ; along
d) control ; with in
Answer b)

11. What is the meaning of Enmesh?

a) Close
b) Proximity
c) Surround
d) Develop
e) Careless
Answer c)

12. What is the meaning of Annals?

a) Arts
b) Revenue
c) Lost Artifact
d) Monuments
e) Part of the body
Answer d)

13. What is the meaning of Nicety?

a) Being Awesome
b) Lovable
c) Precision
d) Starvation
e) Being Thirsty
Answer c)
14. What is the meaning of “a cock and bull story”?

a) An Inspirational story
b) One true event
c) One hard to believe
d) A fair teaching
e) A sudden inspiration
Answer c)

15. What is the meaning of “Hush Money”?

a) Money earned in a proper manner
b) Money stolen from the rich
c) A bribe paid to keep a matter secret from the public
d) Emptying the purse by spending too much in unnecessary things
e) A brokerage money

Answer c)