English Quiz – 72 (Mixed Quiz)


1. Parliament has suddenly been _________ into action, and the Rajya Sabha is now to take up for discussion amendments to the Juvenile Justice Act.

a) appeared
b) galvanised
c) demotivated
d) shocked
Answer b) galvanised

2. That the Ram Janma Bhoomi movement was more political than religious in nature was evident from its very beginnings in communal _________ and bigotry.

a) frenzy
b) insanity
c) tumult
d) mania
Answer a) frenzy

3. The results of Sunday’s parliamentary election in Spain are the strongest challenge yet to the post-Franco political order that has been _______________ by the country’s two major parties — the centre-right Popular Party and the Socialist Workers Party.

a) published
b) denominated
c) dominated
d) issued
Answer c) dominated

4. The chief minister has convincingly rubbished the Rs. 1.25 lakh crore package as a __________ repackaging of old project.

a) Sterile
b) fake
c) fruitful
d) lucent
Answer a) Sterile

5. The clips appear to have worked against the candidate, reminding people of his many sins of ___________ and commission.

a) ambition
b) omission
c) continuation
d) promising
Answer b) omission

6. Find the error in the following sentence.

a) Tarun was the one
b) person who could somehow
c) manage to working in the department
d) for such a long time.
e) No error
Answer c) manage to working in the department. Replace ‘working’ with ‘work’

7. Find the error in the following sentence.

a) The insurance companies
b) and the government is
c) working on a uniform package
d) policy for farmers.
e) No error
Answer b) and the government is. Replace ‘is’ with ‘are’

8. Find the error in the following sentence.

a) The number of people applying
b) was so large that
c) the office had to stop
d) issuing application form.
e) No error
Answer d) issuing application form. Replace ‘form’ with ‘forms’

9. Find the error in the following sentence.

a) Modern printing techniques
b) are far superior
c) than that employed
d) in the past.
e) No error
Answer c) than that employed. Replace ‘than that’ with ‘to those’

10. Find the error in the following sentence.

a) Much of the dispute over damages
b) had to do with whether a certain portion
c) of Apple’s chips that were placed in
d) devices violated the patent.
e) No error
Answer e) No error