English Quiz – 94

1. Her first husband was “a real cipher”.

a) An intelligent person”
b) A good-looking man
c) A brave man
d) An insignificant person
Answer d) An insignificant person

2. My uncle is really “a good egg”.

a) A cheat
b) A rotten man
c) A good man
d) A humourous man
Answer c) A good man

3. To ensure a successful product launch we must “get our ducks in a row”.

a) get everything updated
b) get your things well organised
c) try all the clever means
d) try out every possibility
Answer b) get your things well organised

4. Don’t try to foll me with a lot of “eyewash”.

a) A lot of lies
b) eye-cleaning drop
c) A lot of cheap things
d) A lot of cosmetics
Answer a) A lot of lies

5. The final appeal to the supreme court justice for a stay of execution has “fallen through”.

a) acceded
b) failed to materialise
c) deferred
d) demanded
Answer b) failed to materialise

6. The Sheena Bora murder case, in which her mother Indrani Mukherjee and stepfather Peter Mukherjee are “accused, have taken” a new twist.

a) accused of, has taken
b) accused, has taken
c) accused to has taken
d) No improvement
Answer b) accused, has taken

7. As the princes grew up, Kripacharya taught them archery and the “practice of arms” and other things that princes should learn.

a) practice of arms
b) practise of arm
c) practice of arm
d) No improvement
Answer a) practice of arms

8. All his money “are spent” and all his hopes are ruined.

a) has spent
b) have spent
c) is spent
d) No improvement
Answer c) is spent

9. I cannot “help thinking” that you are the mastermind.

a) help but think
b) help but only
c) help in thinking
d) No improvement
Answer d) No improvement

10. He promised to “promptly pay the dues”.

a) paying the dues promptly
b) pay the dues promptly
c) having paid the dues promptly
d) No improvement
Answer b) pay the dues promptly