English Quiz – 96

1. With heavy rains causing __________ in Chennai, HDFC has decided to __________ off any penalty on its home loan customers impacted by the rains for any delay in EMI payments for last month.

a) catastrophe, see
b) calamity, lay
c) flood, put
d) havoc, waive
e) disorder, take
Answer d) havoc, waive

2. The Himachal Pradesh High Court has dismissed a __________ of petitions field against setting up of mobile towers on health grounds saying there is no _________ to suggest that emissions from mobile towers constitute a health hazard.

a) group, significance
b) clutch, evidence
c) set, witness
d) bunch, contradiction
e) number, mark
Answer b) clutch, evidence

3. California was one of the first states to ___________ such a system in the 1980s after the first alarms were ___________ about deteriorating air quality in Los Angeles.

a) implement, raised
b) apply, rang
c) launch, constructed
d) start, sounded
e) begin, tuned
Answer a) implement, raised

4. The debate on whether India should ___________ bilateral cricket ties with Pakistan has gathered ____________ again.

a) continue, discussion
b) abrogate, significance
c) resume, steam
d) vitiate, energy
e) schedule, potency
Answer c) resume, steam

5. Swashbuckling opener Sehwag provided excellent opening that no doubt ___________ the foundation for result-oriented matches in Tests.

a) led
b) launched
c) laid
d) made
Answer c) laid

6. Japan International Cooperation Agency has _________ submitted a favourable feasibility report on running a bulet train service between Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

a) sometimes
b) reportedly
c) hardly
d) whenever
Answer b) reportedly

7. Keynesian theory is perfect only for a closed economy with no ___________ for citizen to capital markets abroad.

a) success
b) face value
c) role
d) access
Answer d) access

8. Gopal has been collecting coins and stamps since childhood, a _________ that evolved as he travelled around the world on work.

a) problem
b) addiction
c) custom
d) passion
Answer d) passion

9. Importers have offered to supply 1 lakh kg of tur dal a day but sought ___________ from stock holding limits.

a) exemption
b) accountability
c) privilege
d) exception
Answer a) exemption

10. What is the meaning of devout?

a) frigid
b) pious
c) disloyal
d) dogmatic
Answer b) pious