English Quiz – 99

1. The involvement of teachers in the scheme of education proves to be “a mare’s nest”.

a) a false invention
b) a noble thing
c) a successful idea
d) a timely step
Answer a) a false invention

2. When the police came, the thieves “took to their heels”.

a) were taken by surprise
b) took to flight
c) took shelter in a tall building
d) unconditionally surrendered
Answer b) took to flight

3. The politician was able to sway the mob with his “gift of the nab”.

a) fluency of speech
b) flattering words
c) abundance of promises
d) political foresight
Answer a) fluency of speech

4. The speaker gave a “bird’s eye view” of the political conditions in the country.

a) a detailed presentation
b) a biased view
c) a general view
d) a personal view
Answer c) a general view

5. The defective “left no stone unturned” to trace the culprit.

a) did very irrelevant things
b) used all available means
c) took no pains
d) resorted to illegitimate practices.
Answer b) used all available means

6. It is not fair to cast ___________ on honest and innocent persons.

a) aspiration
b) aspersions
c) inspiration
d) adulation
Answer b) aspersions

7. The villagers _______ the death of their leader by keeping all the shops closed.

a) announced
b) protested
c) mourned
d) consoled
Answer c) mourned

8. The criminals managed to escape from the prison even though two armed policemen were _______ vigil over them.

a) talking
b) putting
c) guarding
d) keeping
Answer d) keeping

9. The speaker did not properly use the time as he went on _________ on one point alone.

a) dilating
b) devoting
c) deliberating
d) diluting
Answer c) deliberating

10. Ravi had to drop his plan of going to picnic as he had certain _________ to meet during that period.

a) preparations
b) observations
c) urgencies
d) commitments
Answer d) commitments