English Quiz – 28 (Fill in the Blanks)

1. Please do not ______ an offer made by the Principal.

a) Refuse
b) Deny
c) Stop
d) Engage
Answer a) Refuse

2. The GOI is very confident that the standard of living will begin to _____ soon.

a) Increase
b) Rice
c) Decrease
d) Rise
Answer d) Rise

3. Health is too important to be ______.

a) Eradicated
b) Neglected
c) Demolished
d) Celebrated
Answer b) Neglected

4. I haven’t seen you _____ a week.

a) Till
b) Yet
c) For
d) Since
Answer c) For

5. He became the Governor of a state ______.

a) Some times
b) At times
c) in course of time
d) very soon
Answer c) in course of time

6. You’re coming to the park, __________?

a) Can’t you
b) Don’t you
c) Aren’t you
d) didn’t you
Answer c) Aren’t You

7. ______ you meet my daughter in the playground, ask her to come home at once.

a) Since
b) Till
c) When
d) Would
Answer c) When

8. The dreadful Ebola ______ through human-to-human transmission via direct contact.

a) Transport
b) Traversed
c) Spreads
d) Transplants
Answer c) Spreads

9. Protestors ______ a railway track in Tambaram, Chennai

a) Welcomed
b) Disrupted
c) Block
d) Arrested
Answer c) Block

10. Rakesh Sharma has ______ his crime.

a) Advanced
b) Accredited
c) Confessed
d) Suspected
Answer c) Confessed

11. GOI ______ the recommendations of Shah committee.

a) Suggested
b) Accepted
c) Investigated
d) Suspected
Answer b) Accepted

12. The Federal Judge ______ class action status to a lawsuit.

a) Ordered
b) Gave
c) Granted
d) Traded
Answer c) Granted

13. Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji ______ a mega rally in Coimbatore.

a) Welcomed
b) Addressed
c) Encouraged
d) Preferred
Answer b) Addressed

14. LS Speaker Sumitra Mahajan has _______ the need for urgent UN Security Council reform.

a) Fragmented
b) Resurrected
c) Emphasized
d) Educated
Answer c) Emphasized

15. Rainfall __________ in Tamil Nadu is facing a drought like situation.

a) Efficiency
b) Surplus
c) Repugnance
d) Deficiency
Answer d) Deficiency