English Quiz – 29 (Fill in the Blanks)

1. A toddler’s lifeless body _____ up on a Turkish beach.

a) Discovered
b) Found
c) Washed
d) Cornered
Answer c) Washed

2. The Police are hunting for the ________ of Thailand’s deadliest bombing.

a) Perpetrators
b) Invaders
c) Intruders
d) Terrorists
Answer a) Perpetrators.

3. A boat carrying about 50 people has _______ off the western coast of Malaysia near the busy Strait of Malacca.

a) Run
b) Keeled
c) Capsized
d) Halted
Answer c) Capsized.

4. China’s economic _______ is having a broader impact on the global economy than originally expected.

a) Recession
b) Slowdown
c) Appreciation
d) Stimulation
Answer b) Slowdown

5. It was a __________ that Indian youngsters are bad players of spin.

a) Rumour
b) Misconception
c) Scepticism
d) Dubeity
Answer b) Misconception

6. The GOI has ________ to opposition parties to extend support for the passage of GST Bill in Parliament.

a) Ordered
b) Instructed
c) Appealed
d) Commanded
Answer c) Appealed

7. Police have ________ a man amid suspicions that the blaze was started intentionally.

a) Released
b) Alleged
c) Detained
d) Emancipated
Answer c) Detained

8. The Competition Commission of India (CCI) has _______ Google of abusing its dominant position in online search.

a) Browbeat
b) Domineered
c) Accused
d) Purveyed
Answer c) Accused

9. Parineeti Chopra is __________ that her next film will be received well as she feels that it has an interesting premise.

a) Divulged
b) Upended
c) Perturbed
d) Confident
Answer d) Confident

10. Aiding and __________ totalitarian regimes by censoring search results and turning over email correspondence is evil.

a) Accusing
b) Abetting
c) Deconstructing
d) Opposing
Answer b) Abetting

11. There has never been an instance of a __________ being carried away by affairs of the heart.

a) Desolation
b) Gauntlet
c) Bluestocking
d) Glowing
Answer c) Bluestocking.

12. The Chief Minister ______ himself to help expand financial inclusion projects.

a) Appreciated
b) Pledged
c) Supported
d) Evicted
Answer b) Pledged

13. In the attack the Pakistani Militants were completely wiped

a) Off
b) Over
c) In
d) Out
Answer d) Out

14. __________ of the old paintings is a job for the experts.

a) Construction
b) Exploration
c) Restoration
d) Finalization[/panel-content]
Answer c) Restoration

15. The Toppers of the class will be ________ scholarships.

a) Guaranteed
b) Honored
c) Interested
d) Awarded
Answer d) Awarded