English Quiz – 46 (Fill in the Blanks)

1. A company can ____ the potential of its employees ____ various training programmes.

a) emphasise, for
b) exploit, from
c) enhance, through
d) appraise, by
e) identify, under
Answer c) enhance, through

2. The objective of the survey is to ____ the impact of the rising rupee on a ____ engineering sector.

a) attribute, profitable
b) establish, tensed
c) intensify, volatile
d) substantiate, reinforced
e) ascertain, thriving
Answer c) intensify, volatile

3. Research shows that an organisation’s ____ to cater to the customer’s changing needs will ____ its success.

a) intent, realise
b) ability, determine
c) capacity, lead
d) desire, insure
e) flexibility, acquire
Answer b) ability, determine

4. The country’s economic growth has been achieved ____ exports and ____ large amounts of foreign direct investments.

a) on, boosting
b) despite, estimating
c) mostly, soliciting
d) via, attracting
e) Substantial, opposing
Answer d) via, attracting

5. In many rural areas hospitals are ____ equipped because of the ____ of funds from the Government.

a) well, dearth
b) faulty, lacking
c) optimally, disparity
d) inadequately, scarcity
e) ill, surplus
Answer d) inadequately, scarcity