English Quiz – 68 (Fill in the blanks)

1. India’s consumer market is making it a __________ destination for foreign direct investment(FDI).

a) unprofitable
b) lucrative
c) gained
d) loss
Answer b) lucrative

2. The _________ floods that hit several parts of Chennai and nearby areas early this month have left 50,000 people unemployed in the micro, small and medium enterprises industry in the city, MSME Minister Kalraj Mishra said today.

a) ruinous
b) distressing
c) catstrophic
d) devastating
Answer d) devastating

3. At least four survivors were pulled from choppy waters in central Indonesia on Sunday as high waves and bad weather __________ attempts to reach a sinking passenger boat with more than 120 people aboard.

a) destructed
b) hindered
c) hampered
d) delayed
Answer c) hampered

4. Banks are __________ a sharp growth in electronic transactions, prompting them to invest in technology rather than spend on new bricks-and-mortar branches.

a) witnessing
b) spoting
c) noticing
d) avoiding
Answer a) witnessing

5. Private sector lender Axis Bank has ____________ with a digital security company, e-Mudhra to facilitate digital signature facility to its customers.

a) partnered
b) ventured
c) agreed
d) joined
Answer a) partnered