English Quiz – 87 (Fill in the blanks)

1. The flash of the torch ___________ a cobra.

a) exposed
b) displayed
c) disclosed
d) revealed
Answer d) revealed

2. He _____________ himself a stiff drink before making his statement to the police officer.

a) threw
b) poured
c) filled
d) sipped
Answer b) poured

3. It was his _____________ that led him to penury.

a) flamboyance
b) arrogance
c) extravagance
d) ebullience
Answer c) extravagance

4. Gita was known to be a ______________ so nobody entrusted any important work to her.

a) joker
b) worker
c) shocker
d) shriker
Answer d) shriker

5. The statue was so ______________ that people started it in horror.

a) grotesque
b) exquisite
c) beatific
d) cumbersome
Answer a) grotesque

6. He was caught red-handed and could not _____________ the charges.

a) refute
b) refuse
c) rebuke
d) revoke
Answer a) refute

7. Unhappy about the treatment mated out to her, Shanti ____________ demanded justice.

a) sumptuously
b) voraciously
c) spasmodically
d) vociferously
Answer d) vociferously

8. They sprayed tear gas _____________ on the protesters.

a) indirectly
b) intensively
c) indifferently
d) indiscriminately
Answer d) indiscriminately

9. We are happy to ______________ the receipt of your order no. 4071 dated 13.4.99.

a) admit
b) accept
c) acknowledge
d) respond
Answer c) acknowledge

10. All jobs are respectable _____________ of their nature.

a) irrelevant
b) immaterial
c) irresponsible
d) irrespective
Answer d) irrespective