English Quiz – 92 (Fill in the blanks)

1. To encourage colonial people in their aspirations to attain independence before it is _______________ proved that a ________________ State will evolve instead of anarchy is unforgivable.

a) unchanged;formidable
b) certainity;sympathetic
c) succinctly;redoubtable
d) incontrovertibly;viable
e) unequivocally;mobile
Answer d) incontrovertibly;viable

2. Human memory is not ______________ especially on ancient happenings that smack of the ____________ .

a) infallible;mythological
b) dependable;simple
c) confident;fanciful
d) reliable;inventive
e) noteworthy;fanciful
Answer a) infallible;mythological

3. Athletes have so perfected their techniques in track and field events that the _______________ becomes _____________ before record books can be published.

a) announcement;public
b) meet;official
c) time;authentic
d) fantastic;commonplace
e) result;universal
Answer d) fantastic;commonplace

4. Like the _______________ part of an iceberg, much of what is really interesting in the capital is not ______________.

a) inner;known
b) submerged;visible
c) greater;dangerous
d) upper;viable
e) lower;penetrable
Answer b) submerged;visible

5. Hence the word sophistry has an unfavourable _____________ and means arguing deceitfully, attempting to turn a poor case into a good one by means of clever but ____________ reasoning.

a) denotation;ingenuous
b) meaning;ingenious
c) connotation;specious
d) significance;vague
e) impact;cogent
Answer c) connotation;specious

6. Vision is usually _______________ most effectively when many different _______________ are used.

a) developed;manifestations
b) adapted;organisations
c) communicated;vehicles
d) exhibited;forms
e) described;thought
Answer d) exhibited;forms

7. People who have been through difficult, painful and not very _______________ change efforts often end up _______________ both pessimistic and angry conclusions.

a) successful;drawing
b) meaningful;projecting
c) relaible;evolving
d) strong;following
e) challenging;lamenting
Answer a) successful;drawing

8. The human mind is never ______________; it advances or it _________________.

a) absolute;diminishes
b) dynamic;stops
c) perfect;disintegrates
d) stationary;retrogrades
e) happy;decomposes
Answer d) stationary;retrogrades

9. If misery is the effect of ill-fortune, it ought to be pitied, if of _____________ to be ______________.

a) virtue;criticised
b) calamity;revered
c) virtue;protected
d) vice;revered
e) virtue;revered
Answer e) virtue;revered

10. It would be impossible for us to continue living in this world if each of us _____________ exactly what fate had in ______________ for him.

a) follow;plan
b) appreciate;strategy
c) design;anticipation
d) visualise;hidden
e) knew;store
Answer e) knew;store