English Quiz – 97 (Fill in the blanks)

1. After a ___________ review it was found that many financial institutions don’t have proper __________ in place and could unwillingly be financing illegal activities.

a) routine, checks
b) periodic, space
c) schedule, standard
d) custom, timing
e) suddenly, system
Answer a) routine, checks

2. The main reason youth unemployment has __________ in this region is the depth of the recession in these countries and the chances of improvement are __________ unless governments kick-start their economies.

a) fallen, negligible
b) risen, visible
c) grown, create
d) soared, remote
e) collapsed, much
Answer d) soared, remote

3. For the country as a whole more than half the population __________ regular electricity as connection to the national grid are ___________ and generators are expensive.

a) deficient, dependable
b) want, running
c) lack, unenviable
d) short, faded
e) requiring, funny
Answer c) lack, unenviable

4. It is ___________ that 400 million Indian passengers will want to fly in or out of the country by 2050 and unless the airport facility is improved it will be __________ to handle this traffic.

a) though, easier
b) assume, worrisome
c) estimated, difficult
d) typical, perfect
e) expected, able
Answer c) estimated, difficult

5. Reform is set to gain ___________ as much of the spade work for a vibrant economy such as _________ laws on taxes and banking are underway.

a) steam, specialising
b) advantage, fix
c) pace, amending
d) tame, modify
e) weight, compensating
Answer c) pace, amending

6. The central bank’s concern over the external environment is valid, as is its ____________ to allow a gentle __________ of the rupee and shut out volatility.

a) appetite, backup
b) inclination, depreciation
c) preference, push
d) susceptibility, pull
e) impulse, reduction
Answer b) inclination, depreciation

7. Television can be a great democratic __________, but it can also be an electoral ____________ at least if good sense and the rules are ignored.

a) authority, assistance
b) medium, facility
c) source, support
d) enabler, impediment
e) instrument, bottleneck
Answer d) enabler, impediment

8. Almost 90% of the spices produced are utilized within the country, and only the __________ is exported. Rohit was advised to take __________ since he broke his leg in the accident.

a) Medicine
b) Coffee
c) As
d) Rest
e) Leftover
Answer d) Rest

9. The __________ of the bus was arrested two days after the incident. Women’s safety was the key ____________ behind the big push for sanitation in the villages.

a) Passenger
b) Trainer
c) Issue
d) Owner
e) Driver
Answer e) Driver

10. She __________ slum area and struggles hard to reach her workplace everyday. Despite the existence of safety norms, many private buses plying in Malabar continue to violate all norms risking the ___________ of passengers.

a) Lives
b) Calm
c) Plays
d) Aptitude
e) Dwell
Answer a) Lives