Exercise – 1 : English Grammar

Directions (Question 1 – 61) : Read each sentence to find out whether there is any error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error,the answer is (5). (Ignore errors of punctuation, if any).
Question 1.
1) The driver of that car
2) is sounding horn for
3) the last ten minutes
4) but nobody tells him to stop.
5) No error
It should be ‘has been sounding horn’.

Question 2.

1) If you go on letting
2) your dog chase cars
3) he will end by being
4) run down one day.
5) No error
Replace ‘by’ with ‘up’

Question 3.

1) He heard the guard
2) blowing the whistle and knew
3) it is time for him
4) to enter the train.
5) No error
It should be ‘was’ in place of ‘is’.

Question 4.

1) He telephoned from a public call-box
2) so that the call
3) would not be traced
4) to his own address.
5) No error
Change ‘would not be traced’ to ‘could not be traced’.

Question 5.

1) It has been better
2) to put your money in a bank
3) than to keep it under
4) your bed in a suitcase.
5) No error
Change the first part as——- It would be better ….

Question 6.

1) If you would have read
2) the instructions carefully
3) you would not have
4) answered the questions wrongly.
5) No error
The sentence should start as ——-If you had read …

Question 7.

1) I can see through
2) her sudden friendliness;
3) she wants me to look over
4) her dog while she is away.
5) No error
The right phrase will be ‘to look after’ in place of ‘to look over’.

Question 8.

(a) You may not know it
(b) but this engine is
(c) claimed to have twice
(d) as powerful as the previous one.
(e) No error

Question 9.

(a) Nothing ever becomes real
(b) till it is experienced.
(c) Even a proverb is no proverb to you
(d) till your life has illustrated with it.
(e) No error

Question 10.

(a) I remember my childhood days
(b) when I was used to go
(c) to the farm with my father
(d) and help him in his work.
(e) No error

Question 11.

(a) I missed the last train
(b) which I usually catch
(c) and have to stay at the station
(d) on my way back home yesterday.
(e) No error

Question 12.

(a) Suresh babu, who is living
(b) in this town since 1955,
(c)is a well-known scholar of history
(d) and a distinguished musician.
(e) No error

Question 13.

(a) If you had read
(b) the relevant literature carefully
(c) You would have answered
(d) most of the questions correctly.
(e) No error

Question 14.

(a) The house where the dead man was found
(b) is being guarded by police
(c) to prevent it from being entered
(d) and the evidence interfered with
(e) No error

Question 15.

(a) We were happy that
(b) the audience responded well
(c) and gave all the speakers
(d) a patiently listening.
(e) No error

Question 16.

(a) He received timely support
(b) from his elder brother
(c) who is working abroad
(d) for the last six years.
(e) No error

Question 17.

(a) The notorious gang opened
(b) the door quietly and
(c) escaped in the dark with
(d) whatever they would collect
(e) No error

Question 18.

(a) One of the security men
(b) rushed forward and asked
(c) me whether
(d) had anything objectionable.
(e) No error

Question 19.

(a) We could not
(b) believe that one
(c) of us was
(d)responsible with the act.
(e) No error

Question 20.

(a) We are now
(b) reliably learnt that
(c) he was involved
(d) in the bank robbery.
(e) No error

Question 21.

(a) I do not know
(b) what most people feel
(c) depressed and dejected
(d) even with the slightest provocation.
(e) No error

Question 22.

(a) She had such pretty
(b) that she thinks
(c) she can afford to be
(d) careless about her clothes.
(e) No error

Question 23.

(a) After carefully examining
(b) all the medicine bottles
(c) he submitted a detailed report
(d) to the higher authorities
(e) No error

Question 24.

(a) All of you have the liberty
(b) to come home
(c) as per the convenient
(d) and discuss the problems.
(e) No error

Question 25.

(a) He was persuaded
(b) by his friends
(c) to end his fast
(d) because of his condition deteriorated.
(e) No error

Question 26.

(a) I know who
(b) this job should be
(c) entrusted to
(d) for smooth handling.
(e) No error

Question 27.

(a) They have the nasty habit of
(b) looking down upon people
(c) and criticised them
(d) for no reason
(e) No error

Question 28.

(a) Nowadays, the cost of living
(b) is so high that
(c) people find it difficult
(d) to make both ends meeting.
(e) No error

Question 29.

(a) Karnavati is
(b) one of the leading
(c) business centres
(d) in our State
(e) No error

Question 30.

a) As I reached the hospital
b) I had found, a great rush of visitors
c) whose relatives had been admitted there
d) for one or the other ailment.
e) No error

Question 31.

a) One should study the history
b) of his country because it alone can satisfy
c) one’s natural curiosity to know
d) what happened in the past.
e) No error

Question 32.

a) It is interesting to note
b) that the greatest lines in poetry are simple
c) and yet there is with them some quality
d) which makes them outstandingly great.
e) No error

Question 33.

(a) In order to make human life happy,
(b) man should live
(c) as far as possible
(d) in perfect harmony with nature.
(e) No error

Question 34.

a) You have heard
b) of Socrates, I suppose.
c) Undoubtedly he was one
d) of the greatest man of the world.
e) No error

Question 35.

(a) My daughter never
(b) would write to me
(c) so I never know
(d) what she is doing.
(e) No error
Replace would write by writes.

Question 36.

(a) Whenever we have a puncture
(b) she just sits in the car
(c) and reads a book
(d) while I changed the wheel.
(e) No error
Replace changed by change.

Question 37.

(a) He walked to the market
(b) with both his servants
(c) on either side of his
(d) to help him buy things.
(e) No error
Replace his by him.

Question 38.

(a) Ganesh, who has been
(b) driving all day
(c) was extremely tired
(d) and wanted to stop.
(e) No error
Replace has by had.

Question 39.

(a) Everyone was reading quietly
(b) when suddenly the door
(c) burst open and a
(d) complete stranger rushed in.
(e) No error

Question 40.

(a) My secretary is so
(b) careful of her work that
(c) none has so far found
(d) any error in her work.
(e) No error
Replace ‘of’ with `in’.

Question 41.

(a) Our conclusion is that
(b) between Vinayak and
(c) Lobo,Vinayak is
(d) the most honest.
(e) No error
Here there is a comparison between two persons, so it should be‘more honest’ in place of ‘most honest’

Question 42.

(a) The new project group
(b) would first look into the tender conditions
(c) of both basic and value-added
(d) services before submit its bid.
(e) No error
‘Submit’ should be ‘submitting’.

Question 43.

(a) I would have committed
(b) the same mistake of signing
(c) the sale deed if my agent
(d) would not have forewarned me.
(e) No error
Replace ‘would not have’ with ‘had not’.

Question 44.

(a) The team leaders encourages
(b) the participants who have
(c) difficulty in performing
(d) the assigned task.
(e) No error
team leaders encourages’ should be replaced by ‘team leaders encourage’ or ‘team leader encourages’.

Question 45.

(a) We are happy that
(b) our prime minister
(c) with the members
(d) of his cabinet are to be present at the function.
(e) No error
Replace ‘are’ with ‘is’ because the subject (prime minister) is singular here.

Question 46.

(a) Neither the size nor the colour
(b) of clothes which
(c) I purchased for him
(d) yesterday were right.
(e) No error
Replace ‘were’ with ‘was’.

Question 47.

(a) I heard to my surprise
(b) that the present
(c) I send him was not
(d) to his taste.
(e) No error
It should be ‘the present I sent for him’.

Question 48.

(a) Let us refer
(b) this matter to the principal.
(c) We shall abide
(d) with his decision.
(e) No error
It should be by his decision.

Question 49.

(a) If I would have come
(b) a little earlier, I would have
(c) got a glimpse
(d) of my beloved leader.
(e) I No error
The sentence should begin as, ‘if 1 had come …’

Question 50.

(a) Whey you buy something
(b) on the instalment system
(c) you are not required to pay
(d) the whole price at once.
(e) No error
Replace ‘at once’ with ‘at the begining’

Question 51.

(a) I am waiting for you
(b) for the last two hours
(c) but you did not bother
(d) to turn up in time
(e) No error
The sentence should start as, I had been waiting for you…….’

Question 52.

(a) He is certainly a man
(b) whom I know very well
(c) is trustworthy beyond doubt
(d) and meticulous in his habits.
(e) No error
It should be ” and who is …” In the given form, the subject ‘of is’ is missing.

Question 53.

(a) No sooner did
(b) we reach the station
(c) than the train had
(d) started moving out of the station.
(e) No error
Delete had. In a “No sooner…than…”structure, than is followed by a subject followed by past simple tense.

Question 54.

(a) I am sure about it,
(b) nobody has lived
(c) in that house
(d) for a hundred years.
(e) No error
For a hundred years indicates that the verb should be in the perfect continuous tense. Hence replace ‘has lived’ by ‘has been living’.

Question 55.

(a) There were no less
(b) than forty boys
(c) in the class
(d) when this happened.
(e) No error
Boys is countable. Hence replace ‘less’ by ‘fewer’.

Question 56.

(a) I am glad to hear
(b) that you narrowly escaped
(c) being run over by
(d) a speeding car yesterday.
(e) No error

Question 57.

(a) This laboratory of physics is
(b) not only equipped with
(c) all state-of-the-art instruments
(d) but also with outstanding physicists.
(e) No error
It should be “equipped not only with” instead of “not only equipped with”

Question 58.

(a) No method of making
(b) other people agree to
(c) your view-point is
(d) as effective as this method.
(e) No error
Here, as we are comparing two methods for a single purpose, the sentence should start as – ‘No other method’.

Question 59.

(a) I was pretty sure that
(b) he would support my views
(c) for changing the age-old
(d) and static structure of our organisation.
(e) No error
Views should always be followed by ‘on’ instead of‘for’.

Question 60.

(a) I did not like his
(b) comments on my paper
(c) but I had no alternative
(d) as I had agreed to keep quiet.
(e) No error
Delete ‘I’.

Question 61.

(a) The report is candid in admitting
(b) that the investment by the government
(c) in health and family planning
(d) have been eroded considerably.
(e) No error
It should be ‘has been’ instead of ‘have been’.