English Quiz – 84 (Idioms & Phrases)

1. The boy “turned a deaf ear” to the pleadings of all his well-wishers.

a) listened carefully
b) was deadly opposed
c) posed indifference
d) did not pay any attention
Answer d) did not pay any attention

2. We should “give a wide berth” to bad characters.

a) keep away from
b) publicly condemn
c) give publicly to
d) not sympathise with
Answer a) keep away from

3. Sumit had “to look high and low” before he could find his scooter key.

a) nowhere
b) always
c) everywhere
d) somewhere
Answer c) everywhere

4. He is plain, simple and sincere man. He will always “call a spade a spade”.

a) say something to be taken seriously
b) find meaning or purpose in your action
c) avoid controversial situations
d) be out spoken in language
Answer d) be out spoken in language

5. She rejected his proposal of marriage “point blank.”

a) directly
b) pointedly
c) absurdly
d) briefly
Answer b) pointedly

6. To get a government job is a “bull’s eye” for an unemployed youth.

a) the centre of the target
b) the point of attraction
c) important
d) difficult
Answer a) the centre of the target

7. They made an agreement “with no strings attached.”

a) with no special conditions
b) with many restrictions
c) with more compliments
d) with no assumptions
Answer a) with no special conditions

8. We should always be beware of the “snakes in the grass.”

a) secret enemy
b) a good friend
c) spy
d) unfamiliar person
Answer a) secret enemy

9. Everyone should be “live-wire” at the start of the day.

a) healthy
b) energetic
c) enthusiasm
d) with hope
Answer b) energetic

10. Our boss never likes “Mumbo Jumbo” discussion while in meeting.

a) interactive
b) nonsense
c) useful
d) important
Answer b) nonsense