English Quiz – 88 (Idioms & Phrases)

1. He put us “in a real fix” when he did not turn up to pick us up.

a) feel awkward
b) bad mood
c) made us feel bad
d) difficult
Answer d) difficult situation

2. I “raked my brains” to solve this difficult problem.

a) I consulted several people
b) I subjected my mind to hard thinking
c) I read number of books
d) I brain-washed several experts
Answer b) I subjected my mind to hard thinking

3. My father “strained evry nerve” to enable me to get settled in life.

a) worked very hard
b) spent a huge amount
c) tried all tricks
d) bribed several person
Answer a) worked very hard

4. His promotion is “on the cards”.

a) due
b) evident
c) certain
d) probable
Answer c) certain

5. He is “a green horn” in playing Basketball.

a) good
b) inexperienced
c) confident
d) disinterested
Answer b) inexperienced

6. Madhan is “a man of straw”.

a) strong person
b) weak person
c) unhealthy man
d) strange person
Answer b) weak person

7. My mom used to tell “cats and bull” story.

a) very true
b) untrue
c) natural
d) suspicious
Answer b) untrue

8. Political leaders “promise the earth” to gain favour of voters.

a) to make an impracticable promise
b) to make others dreams come true
c) publicly condemn
d) to make a promise
Answer a) to make an impracticable promise

9. We should be “a life and soul” to one who trust us.

a) main support
b) deadly opposed
c) be brutal
d) strange
Answer a) main support

10. Ram’s father is sure that he is “nobody’s fool”

a) to be wise
b) a fool
c) jealous
d) unanimous
Answer a) to be wise