English Quiz – 67 (One word Substitution)

1. Dishes served between the unusual courses.

a) Quisling
Answer b) Entrees

2. Corruption in office.

a) Malversation
b) Nyctalopia
c) Choreographer
d) Incognito
Answer a) Malversation

3. One who designs and specifies the steps.

a) Palaver
b) Versatile
c) Choreographer
d) dilapidation
Answer c) Choreographer

4. One who loves books.

a) Bibliophile
b) Versatility
c) Virago
d) Sanguine
Answer a) Bibliophile

5. One who believes easily.

a) Impetuous
b) Credulous
c) Dereliction
d) Adultation
Answer b) Credulous

6. A man endowed with the power of God.

a) Impetuous
b) Demigod
c) virago
d) stoicism
Answer b) Demigod

7. One who writes dictionary.

a) Lexicographer
b) Galahad
c) Adultation
d) Amphibian
Answer a) Lexicographer

8. Study of silk worm breeding.

a) Neologism
b) Urbanility
c) Sericulture
d) None
Answer c) Sericulture

9. The coining and using of new words.

a) Palaver
b) Amphibian
c) Heriloom
d) Neologism
Answer d) Neologism

10. Free from impurity or decay.

a) Pristine
b) Bionics
c) Semantic
d) aged
Answer a) Pristine.