English Quiz – 102 (Sentence Completion)

1. There is a lovely ______ of the city from the window.

a) View
b) Look
c) Impression
d) Sight
Answer a) View

2. Every responsible citizen abides _____ the law of the Country.

a) With
b) To
c) By
d) From
Answer c) By

3. I never miss a Hockey Match. I ____________ fond of it since my childhood.

a) Has been
b) Am
c) Would be
d) Have been
Answer d) Have been

4. According to a weather _______ it is going to be sunny today.

a) News
b) Prediction
c) Forecast
d) Panel
Answer c) Forecast

5. The nation _________ the death of their leader by keeping all the shops closed.

a) Rebelled
b) Protested
c) Mourned
d) Consoled
Answer c) Mourned

6. While on a routine flight, the aircraft was hit by a missile and _______ into flames.

a) Shot
b) Burst
c) Caught
d) Blew
Answer b) Burst

7. Workers in earlier days were _______ because of which the industries __________ a lot.

a) Honest and Lost
b) Rich and Flourished
c) Idle and Prospered
d) Inefficient and Suffered
Answer d) Inefficient and Suffered

8. If you do not ________, all your monthly expenses would _______ your income.

a) Save and Cordial
b) Economize and Exceed
c) Realize and Enhance
d) Control and Sufficient
Answer b) Economize and Exceed

9. After the present tax holiday period ________ the power cost to the users may become _______.

a) Begins and Confused
b) Ends and Less
c) End and intolerable
d) Sets and Down
Answer b) Ends and Less

10. A good teacher-student relationship helps create a ________ and peaceful atmosphere where there is no room for any _______ of educational activity.

a) Quiet and Diversified
b) Congenial and Development
c) Harmonious and Interruption
d) Honest and Congregation
Answer c) Harmonious and Interruption.