English Quiz – 33 (Sentence Improvement)

1. The tension between us has EASED a little.

a) Eased off
b) Eased up
c) Eased over
d) No Improvement
Answer d) No Improvement

2. Whenever my students come across new words, I ask them to LOOK FOR THEM UP in the dictionary.

a) To look it up
b) To look them up
c) To look at them
d) No Improvement
Answer b) To look them up

3. The company goes to great lengths to ensure that employees CAN BE COMFORTABLE in their work environment.

a) should enjoy comfort
b) Will be comfortable
c) are comfortable
d) No Improvement
Answer c) are comfortable

4. If you are living near a market you should be ready TO BEAR the disturbances caused by traffic.

a) To bear upon
b) To bear with
c) To bear in
d) No Improvement
Answer b) To bear with

5. He INSISTED ON he was innocent.

a) Insisted on that
b) Insisted that
c) Insisted with
d) No Improvement
Answer b) Insisted that

6. EACH FURNITURE on display in this hall is on sale

a) Each of the furniture
b) Each piece of the furniture
c) Each one of the furniture
d) No improvements
Answer b) Each piece of the furniture

7. You must ATONE ON your sins before you expect any pardon

a) Atone at
b) Atone to
c) Atone for
d) No improvement
Answer c) Atone for

8. Gang of youth went AT THE RAMPAGE in the city yesterday.

a) with the rampage
b) On the rampage
c) Over the rampage
d) No improvement
Answer b) On the rampage

9. The building is PRIME example of 1960s architecture.

a) Primary
b) Paramount
c) Primitive
d) No improvement
Answer d) No improvement