English Quiz – 25 (Spelling Correction)

1. Pick the correct word.

a) Acessories
b) Accessories
c) Acesoeies
d) Accessoories
Answer b) Accessories. Accessories means a thing which can be added to something else in order to make it more useful.

2. Pick the correct word.

a) Tyrannical
b) Tyranical
c) Tyrranical
d) Tyraanical
Answer a) Tyrannical. tyrannical means Dictorial.

3. Pick the Correct word.

a) Dicttum
b) Dictom
c) Dicctum.
d) Dictum
Answer d) Dictum. a formal pronouncement from an authoritative source.

4. Pick the correct word

a) Prudnt
b) Prudent
c) Prodent
d) None of the above
Answer b) Prudent. Prudent means Wise

5. Pick the correct word

a) Accused
b) Acused
c) Accussed
d) Acoused
Answer a) Accused. a person or group of people who are charged or on trial for a crime.

6. Pick the Correct word

a) Benidiction
b) Benduction
c) Benediction
d) Beniddiction
Answer c) Benediction. benediction means s a short invocation for help, blessing and guidance, usually at the end of worship service.

7. Pick the Correct word

a) Intution
b) Intitution
c) Intuition
d) Intenton
Answer b) Intuition. Intuition means the ability to something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.

8. Pick the correct word

a) Concurrence
b) Concurrennce
c) Concurencce
d) Concurencee
Answer a) Concurrence. Concurrence means an agreement or things that act or occur together

9. Pick the Correct word

a) Consensus
b) Consens
c) Consensuss
d) Consenus
Answer a) Consensus. Consensus means majority.

10. Pick the correct word

a) Twelth
b) Twelfth
c) Twlth
d) Tweltth.
Answer b) Twelfth. twelfth is a number 12.