English Quiz – 23 (Synonyms)

1. Tick the meaning for Dart

a) Dash
b) Dirty
c) Recede
d) Retrospective
Answer a) Dash

2. Tick the meaning for Orthodox

a) Fragile
b) Careless
c) Conservative
d) None of the Above
Answer c)Conservative

3. Tick the meaning for Intrude

a) Elite
b) Intervene
c) Emerge
d) Interesting
Answer b) Intervene

4. Tick the meaning for Elite

a) Best
b) Friendly
c) Lavish
d) Aware
Answer a) Best

5. Tick the meaning for Melancholic

a) Thin
b) Escort
c) Sadness
d) Fearful
Answer c) Sadness

6. Tick the meaning for Blight

a) Bright
b) A plant disease
c) Beautiful
d) Complicated
Answer b) A plant disease

7. Tick the meaning for Nefarious

a) Naughty
b) Nasty
c) Deceiving
d) Wicked
Answer d) Wicked

8. Tick the meaning for Vermin

a) Sweet
b) Red color
c) Luxurious
d) Insects
Answer d) Insects

9. Tick the meaning for Reticence

a) Relevant
b) Reserve
c) Reputation
d) Wickedness
Answer b) Reserve

10. Tick the meaning for Exultant

a) Extreme happy
b) Falsehood
c) Extreme sad
d) Pervert
Answer a) Extreme happy

11. With age, he has become ABSTEMIOUS. Find the Synonym.

a) Greedy
b) Temperate
c) Mature
d) Senile
Answer b) Temperate.

12. He was LAMPOONED by his seniors in college. Find the Synonym.

a) Appreciated
b) Confronted
c) Invited
d) Ridiculed
Answer d) Ridiculed.

13. It was difficult to understand why she was BAWLING. Find the Synonym.

a) Demanding
b) Criticising
c) Praising
d) Yelling
Answer d) Yelling

14. Fanatics are known for their BIGOTRY. Find the Synonym.

a) Selfishness
b) Selflessness
c) Intolerance
d) Cruelty
Answer c) Intolerance.

15. The Germans never displayed a BELLIGERANT attitude during the entire episode. Find the Synonym.

a) Loving
b) Friendly
c) Pugnacious
d) Peaceful
Answer c) Pugnacious