National Rural Health Mission

In May 2013, the UPA government had launched National Urban Health Mission, which was later integrated into National Rural Health Mission and a new National Health Mission was created from 2014-15. Both NUHM and NRHM are now two of six components of NHM. The six components of National Health Mission as follows:

  1. National Rural Health Mission (now called NRHM-RCH Flexipool)
  2. National Urban Health Mission Flexipool for population above 50000
  3. Flexible pool for Communicable disease
  4. Flexible pool for Non communicable disease including Injury and Trauma
  5. Infrastructure Maintenance
  6. Family Welfare Central Sector component.

The major functions under this sub-mission is to provide Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child Health and Adolescent (RMNCH+A) Services to the rural deprived people through its network of ASHA, ANMs and AWWs. NRHM, also called NRHM-RCH Flexipool is one of the components of NHM and is for all towns and villages below population of 50,000.

Under this mission, government seeks to provide accessible, affordable and quality healthcare to rural population. Thrust of this mission is to provide a fully functional, community owned, decentralised health delivery system in rural areas.