Women Empowerment

Women in What does 12 FYP aim for?
Manufacturing sector
  • Propaganda to change attitudes towards gender stereotyping of skills.
  • Removal of prejudice against caste-based activities and worker communities.
  • Finding potential women entrepreneurs and giving them assistance.
Service sector
  • Training of women as BPO employees, electronic technicians, electricians, plumbers, sales persons, auto drivers, taxi drivers, masons, etc. under skill development programmes.
  • Skill development would be seen as a vehicle to improve lives and not just livelihoods of women.
Unorganised sector
  • Complaints committee for sexual harassment.
  • Addressing issues of leave, wages, work conditions, pension, housing, child-care, health benefits, maternity benefits, safety and occupational health.

Increase funding for following schemes:

  • Support to Training and Employment Program (STEP) for skill development and income generation.
  • Priyadarshini for improving sustainable livelihood opportunities.
  • Swayamsiddha Phase II for ensure holistic empowerment of women in a sustainable manner through SHGs.
  • Working Women Hostels.
  • Ujjawala, a comprehensive scheme for helping sex workers.
  • Swadhar Greh Scheme, for women in distress.
  • New scheme for providing restorative justice to victims of rape through financial assistance as well as support services.

Schemes for Women and Child Development

1. Ahimsa Messengers

  • Scheme of Ministry of women and child development launched by UPA in 2013.
  • Includes Women Panchayati Raj Members, Youth, NGOs etc.
  • These people work for prevention of violence against women, dowry etc.
  • Help victim file FIRs, visit police stations and seek legal aid.


  • Central social welfare board.
  • To implement welfare programs for women and children via NGOs, family counselling, awareness generation etc.
  • Originally set up by resolution of Government, later became a charitable company.
  • Falls under Ministry of Women and Child Development.

3. Poorna Shakti Kendra

  • Created under National Mission for empowerment of women in 2013.
  • One stop information centres.
  • Help women get benefit from various govt. schemes.


  • Rajiv Gandhi Scheme for Empower-ment of Adolescent Girls launched in 2011.
  • To provide nutrition for growing adolescent girls by provision of food-grains.
  • All girls will be given a kishori card which will be updated with details of the girl’s growth and provision of the food grains.
  • SABLA implemented by Ministry of Women and Child Development.(not by HRD ministry or social welfare ministry)
  • SABLA is created by merging earlier two schemes :Nutrition program for adolescent girls + Kishori Shakti Yojana.
  • Target: girls aged 11-18.
  • 100 gms of food-grain per day per girl for 300 days in a year.

5. Saksham

  • This is a scheme by Ministry of Women and Child Development launched in 2012.
  • Made due to rising demand for gender sensitisation among boys after the Delhi gang-rape incident.
  • It’ll give training/moral education to adolescent boys (11-18 age) to respect women.
  • Official name will be “Rajiv Gandhi scheme for empowerment of adolescent boys.”


  • Support to Training and Employment program for Women.
  • Provides skill training.


1974 ⇒ National Policy for Children
2001 ⇒ National Policy for Women
2004 ⇒ National Charter for Children
2014 ⇒ National Youth Policy