Practice Quiz :- 2

1. Which one of the following agencies is not included in the operation of the Kisan Credit Cards?
(a) Co-operative Banks
(b) Regional Rural Banks
(c) Scheduled Commercial Banks
2. Green Revolution in India started from
(a) Kanpur
(b) Delhi
(c) Bengaluru
(d) Pantnagar
3. Which one of the following is the objective of the National Watershed Development project for rainfed areas of India?
(a) Sustainable farming systems
(b) Integrated Watershed Management
(c) Reclanation of Forest Area
(d) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’
4. Which one among the following Agricultural sectors is covered under the market Intervention scheme (MIS) of the Indian Government?
(a) Forestry
(b) Irrigation
(c) Horticulture
(d) Animal Husbandry
5. The price at which the Government purchase food grains for maintaining the public distribution system and for building up buffer stocks are known as
(a) Minimum support prices
(b) Procurement prices
(c) Issue prices
(d) Coiling prices
6. Which one of the following agencies assigns the Agricultural Income Tax to states in India?
(a) Inter – State council
(b) National Development Council
(c) Agriculture Finance Corporation
(d) Finance commission
7. Which one of the following agencies of Indian Government implements the price support scheme (PSS)?
(a) FCI
(c) Agriculture pricing agency of India
(d) None of the above
8. Who is known as the father of “White Revolution” in India?
(a) M.S Swaminathan
(b) B.P Pal
(c) K.N Bhal
(d) V. Kurien
9. Which one of the following is not included in the Agriculture and Allied Services of Indian Economy?
(a) Fishing
(b) Forestry
(c) Logging
(d) Food Processing
10. In which five year plan in Indian Economy, the targets for the crop function were not fixed for the first time-
(a) Seventh five year plan
(b) Eighth five year plan
(c) Ninth five year plan
(d) Tenth five year plan