Practice Quiz :- 26

1. When, for the first time, did the Prime Minister of India announce the 20-point Economic Programme?
a) 1973
b) 1974
c) 1975
d) 1976
2. Which of the following plans aimed at the removal of poverty and attainment of self-reliance?
a) second plan
b) third plan
c) fourth plan
d) fifth plan

Ans.d) fifth plan

3. Census in India is being held regularly after every
a) 6 years
b) 8 years
c) 10 years
d) 12 years

Ans.c) 10 years

4. People belonging to what age group are eligible for training under TRYSEM scheme?
a) 18-35
b) 25-40
c) 18-50
d) 18-25
5. According to the census in 2001, which city in India has the largest population?
a) Kolkatta
b) Mumbai
c) Delhi
d) Chennai
6. In terms of geographical area India occupies what position in the world?
a) Five
b) six
c) seven
d) three
7. India does not share its boundary with which of the following countries?
a) China
b) Taiwan
c) Burma
d) Bhutan
8. Agriculture employs almost what percent of the Indian population?
a) 90
b) 50
c) 40
d) 70
9. Which one of the following is a Kharif crop?
a) bajra
b) wheat
c) mustard
d) barley
10. Which one of the following is a rabi crop?
a) rice
b) jowar
c) cotton
d) peas