Practice Quiz :- 9

1. According to the data studied by planning commission in 2011–12, how much the population of India falls under the poverty line?
(a) 14.2%
(b) 21.9%
(c) 31.2%
(d) 34.2%
2. What is CRISIL ?
(a) Bank
(b) Insurance Company
(c) Depository
(d) Credit Rating Agency
3. Who is the newly elected chairman of Life Insurance Corporation of India?
(a) S.K. Roy
(b) D.K. Malhotra
(c) Thomas Matthew
(d) Shashikant Sharma
4. On which date is the establishment of state bank of India celebrated?
(a) 1st January
(b) 19th June
(c) 1st July
(d) 15th October
5. Where is the headquarter of WTO located?
(a) Rome
(b) Geneva
(c) Washington
(d) New york
6. The minister level conference of World Trade Organisation in Dec. 2013 was held in which country?
(a) Indonesia
(b) Canada
(c) S. Africa
(d) Singapore
7. In which city the government has planned the establishment of a Central Aviation University?
(a) New Delhi
(b) Bengaluru
(c) Gurgaon
(d) Rai Bareili
8. Which country became a member of European Union on 1st July 2013?
(a) Bulgaria
(b) Romania
(c) Croatia
(d) Serbia
9. According to the evaluation of Asian development Bank the economic growth of India in 2013 is expected ?
(a) 4.8%
(b) 5.2%
(c) 6.0%
(d) 6.2%
10. According to the data of Finance Ministry the foreign debt of India in March 2013 was–
(a) 190 Billion Dollar
(b) 290 Billion Dollar
(c) 390 Billion Dollar
(d) 490 Billion Dollar