The Post Gupta Period (550 AD – 647 AD)


Pushyabhuti dynasty: Pushyabhuti (Founder)

The Pushyabhuti dynasty came in power in Thaneswar (Karnal in Haryana) in the beginning of the 6th century AD.

The first important king of this dynasty was Prabhakaravardhan (580-605 AD).

The Maukhari king Grahavarman assassinated Rajyavardhan’s brother-in-law and imprisoned his sister Rajashree with the help of Devagupta of Malava and Shashanka of Gauda.

Rajyavardhan inflicted a crushing defeat on Devagupta and was killed by Shashank of Gauda.

Harshavardhana (AD 606–647) was the last Hindu king of North India.

Harsha himself wrote the Ratnavali, Naganandam and Priyadarshika plays in Sanskrit.

His court poet Banabhatta wrote his biography, the Harsha Charita.

Harsha united the two kingdoms of Thaneswar and Kannauj and transferred his capital from Thaneswar to Kannauj.


Capital of Chalukyas (AD 543-753)- Badami (Bagalkot district of North Karnataka)

Pulakeshin I is generally attributed to be the first Chalukyan king.

Pulakeshin II was the most prominent ruler of the dynasty who ruled from 608 A.D. and was a contemporary of Harshavardhan. He stopped Harshavardhan to march into the Deccan.

The Pallavas initially conquered the region of Thondaimandalam.

Narasimhavarman completed the beautiful temples of Mahablipuram.