Bahmani Kingdom

The Bahmani Kingdom of Deccan’scapital was Gulbarga.

It was founded by Hasan Gangu (origi-nal name–Ismail Mukh).

He took the tittle of Alauddin Hasan, Bahaman Shah.

He ruled from AD 1347 to 1358.

His son, Mahmud Shah I ruled from AD 1358 to 75. He was succeeded by his son, Ala-ud-din Majahid Shah.

Firoz Shah was the most important ruler who ruled from AD 1397 to 1422.

Ahmed Shah succeeded his brother in AD 1422 and ruled up to AD 1436.

He was succeeded by his son Alaud-din-II (AD 1436-58).

Kalim Ullah Shah (AD 1524-27) was the last ruler of Bahmani Kingdom.