Aurangzeb (AD 1658-1707)

Aurangzeb was also called as Zinda Pir (the living saint).

He had to face many problems such as problems of the Marathas in the Dec-can, the Jats, and Satnamis and Rajputs in north India, and that of Chip Khans and Sikh in the north-west.

His direct attention was concentrated on the affairs of north India but during 1681, the affairs of the South Central around the rise of the Marathas power under Shivaji.

The Mughul conquest reached acli-max during his reign.

The second coronation of Aurangzeb took place when he defeated Dara (1659).

He forbade inscription of Kalma on the coins and banned music in the court.

He ended Jarokha Darsha , celebration of Navroz but Jaziya (tax on non-Mus-lims) was reintroduced by him.

Prince Azam Shah built Bibi Ka Mak-bara, which is the tomb of his mother Rabbia-ul-Daurani at Aurangabad (1651-1661 AD).

He died in 1707 AD.