Jahangir (AD 1605-1627)

The real name of Jahangir was Salim.

Jahangir married Mehr-un-Nisa who assumed the title of ‘Nur Jahan’ (Light of the world)

Jahangir’s most irksome foe was the Rana of Mewar, Amar Singh who final-ly capitulated in 1613 AD to Khurram’s forces.

He conquered three Kingdoms -Me-war, Kangra and Ahmadnagar in South India.

His wife Nur Jahan built Itimad-ud-Daula’s (another name of Mirza GhiyasBeg) Marble tomb at Agra.

He built Moti Mahal in Lahore and his own Mausoleum at Shahdara (Lahore).

He crushed the rebellion of his own son Khusro and made him blind.

His son Khurram (Shah Jahan) rebelled against him at the end of his reign.