The Later Mughals

Muazzam ascended the Mughal throne with the title of Bahadur Shah.

He pursued paciist policy and was called Shah Bekhabar.

He also assumed the title of Shah Alam I.

Farrukhsiyar ascended the throne with help of Sayyid brothers, Abdullah Khan and Hussain Khan.

Nadir Shah raided India in 1738-39 and took away the peacock throne and Kohinoor diamond during the reign of Mohammad Shah (1719-48).

The Battle of Buxar (1764) was fought during the reign of Shah Alam II.

Bahadur Shah Zafar was the last Mu-ghal king.

He was proclaimed the Emperor by the rebellions during the revolt of 1857 and was deported to Rangoon follow-ing the 1857 rebellion.

Famous painters: Khwaja Abdul Sa-mad, Mir Saiyyad Ali, Mansoor, etc.

Tansen was the musician of Akbar’s court.

Principal articles of export to Europe and other countries were indigo, opi-um, pepper, etc.

Articles of import were horses, Chi-nese porcelain and African slaves, etc.

Aurangzeb’s death in 1707 caused the rapid decline of Mughal empire.