Vijaynagar Empire (1336-1565 AD)

The Vijayanagar Empire was a South Indian dynasty based in the Deccan on the South bank of Tungabhadra River.

There were four dynasties ruled over Vijaynagar —Sangama Dynasty, Saluva Dynasty, Tuluva Dynasty and Aravidu Dynasty.

Hariharan I (Hakka) and Bukka (the sons of Sangama) established Vijaynagar kingdom.

Harihara I was the founder of the Sangama dynasty.

Harihara was controlling northern portion of Hoysala kingdom.

Bukka Raya ruled the kingdom for about twenty one years.

Bukka died in about 1380 and was suc-ceeded by Harihara II.

Other kings of Vijaynagar Kingdom are Harihara Raya II, Virupaksha Raya, Bukka Raya II, Deva Raya I, Deva Raya II, Mallikarjuna Raya, Virupaksha Raya II.

Virupaksha’s son, Praudharaya was a weak king and his general Saluva Narasimha took control of the empire in 1485.

Saluva Narasimha was the founder of Saluva Dynasty.

Thimma Bhupala was the elder son of Saluva Narasimha Deva Raya.

Narasimha Raya II (Immadi Narasim-ha) was the second son of King Saluva Narasimha Deva Raya. The real power was in the hands of the empire’s able commander Tuluva Narasa Nayaka till his death in 1503.

Sri Krishna Deva Raya was the most famous king of Vijayanagara Empire. He belonged to the tuluva bunt com-munity.

Rama Raya was popularly known as “Aliya” Rama Raya, was the progenitor of the “Aravidu” dynasty of Vijayanagar Empire.

Later Kings of Vijaynagar:Tirumala Deva Raya, Sriranga Deva Raya, Ven-katapati Deva Raya, Sriranga III.