Political Parties

As per the provisions of the Peoples Representation Act, 1951 political par-ties are registered with the Election Commission of India.

The Anti-defection law, passed in 1985, prevents the MPs or the MLAs elected as candidates from one party forming or joining anew party,unless they comprise more than one-third of the original party,in the Legislature.

Recognition and Reservation of Symbols

A party registered with the Election Commission may be granted recognition as aNational or aState party on the basis of its performance in polls.

Political Parties & Pressure Group

Political Parties

Meaning : Group of persons who agree on some ideology & seek to capture the power & form the government on the basis of collective leadership.

Type of Party System in India : Multi Party System :

Functions Political Parties

  • Representation
  • Elite Formation & Recruitment
  • Goal Formulation
  • Interest Articulation & Aggregation
  • Socialization & Mobilization
  • Organization of Government.

Category of Political Party in India:-

Category of Political Parties