The Governor of State

Part VI : The States (Article 152-237) The Governor (Article 153-162)

The Governor of a State is appointed by the President of India (Article 155).

The same Governor can act as Governor of more than one State (Article 153-162).

According to Article 156 the Governor of the State holds office during the pleasure of the President.


(a) must be a citizen of India,
(b) must be at least 35 years old, and
(c) should not hold any ofice of proit during his/her tenure.

The Governor like the President can grant pardons, reprieves, remission of punishment to persons convicted under the state Law.

Under Article 163 the Governor enjoys discretionary powers. The courts cannot question his discretion.

According to Article 171 the Governor can nominate some members from amongst those distinguished in literature, science, arts, cooperative movement and social services to state legislature.

The Governor is empowered to issue ordinances.