The Municipalities

The Municipalities (Article 243 P – 243 ZG)

PART IX A added by 74th Amendment Act 1992, gives a constitutional foundation to the local self government units in urban area.

Most provisions for municipalities are similar to those contained in PART IX, e.g., structure, reservation of seats, functions, source of income, etc.

Nagar Panchayat, is for an area being transformed from a rural area to an urban.

Municipal Council is for a smaller urban area.

Municipal Corporation is for a larger urban area. The Municipal Corporation is the topmost urban local government.

The members of a Municipality are generally elected by direct election.

The legislature of a state can provide for representation in municipalities of:- Persons having special knowledge or experience in municipal administration. Municipal Governance in India was first introduced in Madras in 1688. The Bombay and Calcutta Corporations were established in 1726.