Monthly Current Affairs July 2016 “SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY” key points to Remember.
India Successfully Test-Fires Surface-To-Air Missile for Second Day
MR-SAM Developed By India, Israel Successfully Test-Fired
India’s first integrated Defence Communication Network launched
TRAI launches ‘MySpeed’ app to check internet speed on smartphones
China builds world’s largest radio telescope
World’s 1st transparent directional speaker made
NASA extends New Horizons mission to Kuiper Belt
NASA’s Juno spacecraft successfully enters Jupiter orbit
New Tarantula species named after Nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Harvard team builds living robot from rat hearts
Instagram introduces ‘Comment Moderation’ option
Exoplanet orbiting three stars discovered
Borneanorangutan declared critically endangered
DRDO inks MoA with IITs for Centre for Propulsion Technology
Scientists propose bacteria-powered ‘windfarm’
MIT researchers develop new anonymity network
Juno sends back 1st photo from Jupiter’s orbit
Microsoft debuts ‘Surface as a Service’ program
NASA’s Juno Spacecraft successfully enters Jupiter’s orbit
Google to add hotel, flight details to Search
Researchers develop 1st underwater microscope
Kendrapara sheep gets registered breed status
Ex-Google engineer launches blockchain-based system for banks
Microsoft wins overseas data protection case
Researchers build robot with human-like muscles
World’s 1st 3D printing eatery coming to London
Army gets India-made Dhanush guns for user trial
South African super-telescope reveals distant galaxies and black holes
SpaceX launched unmanned Dragon cargo capsule to International space station
NASA announces discovery of 104 new planets outside solar system
Facebook launches new app-install ad tool
Teal unveils world’s fastest production drone
Hong Kong project turns waste food into fabric
NASA marks 40th anniversary of Mars landing
New ‘giant thief’ dinosaur found in Argentina
Facebook’s Aquila Internet drone completes first test flight
India to make resource mapping satellite with US
Karbonn launches third manufacturing unit in Haryana
Apple to open first retail store in Taiwan
A type of Culex mosquito can also transmit Zika
Scientists working toward storing digital information in DNA
Gujarat govt selects Infibeam for e-com training programme
Free Wi-Fi at Indian railway stations being used by 2 million people: Sundar Pichai
New artificial leaf converts CO2 into usable hydrocarbon fuel using sunlight
SpaceX Wins Second NASA Contract To Take Astronauts To International Space Station