Monthly Current Affairs June 2016 “SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY” key points to Remember.
China to launch first hack proof Quantum Communication Satellite
Google launches tool to test website speed
Microsoft releases SQL Server 2016
NASA successfully deploys BEAM, first inflatable room attached to ISS
60 nations to monitor emissions using satellites
World’s smallest pacemaker implanted in 92-year old at Gurgaon Hospital
Pluto’s image shows 1st proof of possible cloud
Kerala brothers Arun and Anoop George invent low-cost wind turbine
Researchers develop new Terahertz camera
Oldest plant root stem cells discovered in UK
Scientists develop new RNA-editing technique
Flexible OLED built using graphene electrodes
Twitter’s logo bird is called ‘Larry’
LISA Pathfinder mission demonstrates ways to detect gravitational waves
Lenovo partners with Project Tango chipmaker Movidius ahead of Tech World Conference
YouTube launches Smart Offline feature in India
Telcos to install 60k towers to check call drops
Lenovo unveils bendable smartphone, tablet
Four new elements on the Periodic table get their names
Luminati Aerospace successfully tests solar-powered aircraft
World’s smallest violin made with Google sensors
US successfully launches world’s largest rocket
Daimler to unveil long-distance electric car
Microsoft signs agreement to acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 billion
Apple launches new macOS version ‘macOS Sierra’
Microsoft’s 1st major acquisition was PowerPoint
Jupiter-like planet orbiting two stars discovered
Alibaba B2B shuts India offices as it expands reseller plan
Twitter launches first-ever #EveryCharacterMatters week
NASA to Conduct Experiments with Fire in Space
Airtel ranks 1st spot on data usage, Reliance jio 6th
Facebook, Deepika launch suicide prevention tool
Methane leak spotted from space for 1st time
India-made trainer plane makes inaugural flight
Chinese surgeon to transplant human head for first time in the world
Scientists for the first time grow living bone in lab
China to operationalise the exascale supercomputer Tianhe -3 by 2020
Snapchat to launch tech-based digital magazine
Yatra acquires auto rickshaw aggregator mGaadi
Microsoft to design app for HRD Ministry’s SWAYAM platform
SpaceX successfully launches two commercial satellites
ISRO begins countdown to launch record 20 satellites on Wednesday
NASA unveils X-57 Hybrid Electric Research Plane
World’s 1st magnetic refrigerator launched
• Microsoft funds anti-terrorism software
Blue Origin completes its 4th successful landing
London startup develops home blood test kit
Sunway-TaihuLight: World’s powerful Supercomputer for the sixth consecutive time
Twitter acquires AI startup Magic Pony
Sphero’s new robot teaches coding to kids
ISRO launches record 20 satellites in a mission
Darjeeling Zoo to receive snow leopard from London’s Dudley Zoological Gardens
Scientists developed Kilo Core, world’s first 1000-processor computer chip
Alphabet unveils home robot dog ‘SpotMini’
BrahMos integrated with IAF’s fighter jet
Microsoft launches prototype mosquito trap
Scientists develop new bio-ink for 3D bio-printing with stem cells
Yamaha unveils 3-wheel electric vehicle concept
US marks its first ship-to-shore drone delivery
China launches next-gen rocket; on track for ambitious space program
Defence Ministry nod to buy 145 ultra-light Howitzers from US
CSIR launches ayurvedic anti-diabetic drug
Tejas to be put in combat roles by 2017: Reports
Google brings Earth into better focus launches battery research portal ‘BatteryDekho’
Most powerful rocket by NASA set for journey to Mars
India Test-Fires Surface-to-Air Missile
Porsche created world’s 1st hybrid car
NASA successfully tests Mars-bound booster
Badminton-playing robot developed