General Awareness With Reference TO Banking

161.To combat the menace of money laundering, which of the following financial institutions has introduced the 'Know Your Customer' Scheme?
(e)None of these

Answer :- (b)RBI 
162.Which of the following sectors contributes maximum in deciding the growth in income of the states in India?
Answer :-(c)Service 
Which of the following is the state where the number of people living below poverty line is maximum?
(b)Andhra Pradesh
(c)Uttar Pradesh
Answer :- (e)Odish 
164.Who is the person closely associated with operation flood programmes and was honoured by Padma Vibhushan recently?
(a)Dr. V. Kurien
(b)Dr. M. S. Swaminathan
(c)Dr. Amartya Sen
(d)Dr. A. P.J. Abdul Kalam
(e)None of these
Answer :- (a) Dr. V. Kurien 
165.What is the full form of MTSS?
(a)Money Transfer Service Scheme
(b)Money Transparency Service Scheme
(c)Market Transfer Service Scheme
(d)Market Tax Service Scheme
(e)None of these
Answer :- (a) Money Transfer Service Scheme
166.What is the full form of EFT?
(a)Electric funds transfer
(b)Electronic finance transaction
(c)Electronics Fund Transfer
(d)Emergency fund transfer
(e)None of these
Answer :-(c)Electronics Fund Transfer
167.RuPay is an Indian domestic card scheme conceived and launched by
(a)National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI)
(b)Industrial Finance Corporation of India (IFCI)
(c)National Minorities Development & Finance Corporation (NDMC)
(d)National Handicapped Finance and Development Corporation (NHFDC)
(e)None of these
Answer :-(a)National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) 
168.Which of the following is refered as Fastest mode of transaction?
(a)Transfer funds into different bank's accounts using NEFT(National Electronic Funds Transfer).
(b)Transfer funds into other bank accounts using RTGS(Real Time Gross Settlement).
(c)Transfer funds in to various accounts using IMPS(Immediate Payment Service).
(d)Transfer funds into different account of the same bank(e)None of these
Answer :- (b)Transfer funds into other bank accounts using RTGS(Real Time Gross Settlement). 
169.What is the full for of CBS?
(a)Customer Bond Solution
(b)Core banking System
(c)Core Banking Solution
(d)Customer Bond system
(e)None of these
Answer :-(c)Core Banking Solution 
170.What do you mean by Customer relationship management(CRM)?I.It is a system for managing a company's interaction s with current and future customers.II.It is a system for managing a company's interactions with current and past customers.II.It often involves using technology to organize,automate, and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support.
(a)Only I
(b)Only II
(c)Both II and III
(d)Both I and III
(e) None of these
Answer :-  (d)Both I and III
171.How RBI measured to liquidate the market?
(a)By Reverse Repo rate
(b)By Repo rate
(c)By Cash Reserve Ratio
(d)By Statutory liquidity ratio
(e)None of these
Answer :-(b)By Repo rate 
172.The Bank should comply and intimate the compliance of Award to Ombudsman?
(a)Within Two Months
(b)Within 3 months
(c)Within one month
(d)Within one year
(e)None of these
Answer :- (c)Within one month
173.Cheque truncation can be done by?
(a)Using MICR data(b)Sending cheque by speed post(c)Using image processing(d)Both (a) & (b)(e)None of the above
Answer :- (d)Both (a) & (b)
174.Which of the following is not insured by the DICGC(Deposit Insurance and Credit Gurantee Corporation)?
(a)All Indian commercial Banks
(b)Foreign Banks branches functioning in India
(c)Local Area Banks
(d)Cooperative Banks
(e)Primary cooperative societies
Answer :-(e)Primary cooperative societies
175.Who is the current Secretary General of UNO?
(a)Ban Ki-moon
(b)Kofi Annan
(d)Trygve Halvdan Lie
(e) None of these
Answer :-(a)Ban Ki-moon 
176.What is the new name given to the Cadbury's India?
(a)Ferrero Rocher Ltd
(b)Dante Confections
(c)Tootsie Roll Industries
(d)Mondelez India Foods Ltd
(e)None of these
Answer :-(d)Mondelez India Foods Ltd 
177.Which day would be celebrated as Safe Motherhood Dayas announced by Health Ministry of India?
(a)7th March
(b)8th March
(c)9th March
(d)10 March
(e)None of these
Answer :- (b)8th March
178.Which Hollywood personality got awarded at IIFA 2014?
(a)John Travolta
(b)Arnold Sch
(c)Vin Diesel
(d)Kevin Spacey
(e)None of these
Answer :-(a)John Travolta
179.Which author had received Padmabhushan award 2014?
(a)Shobha Dey
(b)Ruskin Bond
(c)Ravinder Singh
(d)Chetan Bhagat
(e)None of these
Answer :-(b)Ruskin Bond 
180.What is the full form of IBSA ?
(a)Indonesia, Brazil, South Africa
(b)Italy, Brazil, Sudan
(c)India, Brazil,South Africa
(d)India,Belgium, Saudi Arabia
(e)None of these
Answer :-(c)India, Brazil,South Africa
181.Who is the author of the book '2 states' in the same name a film was released reccently?
(a)Ravinder Singh
(b)Drijoy Dutta
(c)Amish Patel
(d)Chetan Bhagat
(e)None of these
Answer :-  (d)Chetan Bhagat
182.Who is appointed as the new deputy governor of RBI?
(a)R Gandhi
(b)SS Mudra
(c)Arjit Patel
(d)Anil Sinha
(e)None of these
Answer :-  (a)R Gandhi
183.Name the committee which is probing the IPL Spot-Fixing?
(a)Murali Panel Committee
(b)Mudgal Panel committee
(c)Rangaswamy Panel Committee
(d)Rangarajan Panel Committee
(e)None of these
Answer :-  (b)Mudgal Panel committee
184.Kudamkulam Nuclear power plant is situated in which state?
(a)Andhra Pradesh
(e)None of these
Answer :-(d)TamilNadu 
185.Who is the current Prime Minister of UK?
(a)David Cameroon
(b)James Cameroon
(c)Robert Cameroon
(d)Davis Cameroon
(e)None of these
Answer :-(a)David Cameroon
186.Shiva sumdaram Hydro Power Project is located in which state?
(a)Andhra Pradesh
(e)None of these
Answer :-(b)Karnataka
187.Catolania referendum is related to which country?
(e)None of these
Answer :-(a)Spain 
188. What is the minimum capital required for foreign bank to open branch in India?
(a)400 Crore
(b)450 Crore
(c)500 Crore
(d)550 Crore
(e)None of these
Answer :-(c)500 Crore 
189.Priyanka Chopra in the movie Mary Kom, played the role of?
(a)Gymnastics(b)Singer(c)Boxer(d)Wrestler(e)None of these
Answer :-(c)Boxer 
190. What is the current Repo Rate?
(a)7%(b)7.5 %(c)8%(d)8.5 %(e)None of these
Answer :- (c)8%
191. 2014 Asian Games was held at?
(b)Incheon,South Korea
(c)Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
(e)None of these
Answer :-  (b)Incheon,South Korea
192. Recently, Northern Railways started a smart Card system,what is the name of the Card?
(a)Go Bharat Smart Card
(b)Go Nation Smart Card
(c)Go India Smart Card
(d)Go Railway Smart Card
(e)None of these
Answer :- (c)Go India Smart Card
193. What is the name of the Pension Scheme of the Unorganised Sector in India?
(a)Aajeevika Scheme
(b)Swavalamban Scheme
(c)Indira Awas Yojna
(d)Varishtha Scheme(e)None of these
Answer :- (b)Swavalamban Scheme
194. SEBI extended the time guideline to appoint at least one women in board of director to ________?
(a)31st December 2014
(b)31st March 2015
(c)30th June 2015
(d)31st December 2015
(e)None of these
Answer :- (b)31st March 2015
195. Which account will not come under RBI’s limitation of ATM Transaction?
(a)Current Deposits/Account
(b)Basics Savings Bank Deposit Account
(c)Recurring Deposit/Account
(d)Fixed Deposit/Account
(e)None of these
Answer :-  (b)Basics Savings Bank Deposit Account
196. What is the name of BRICS Bank?
(a)Federative Republic Bank
(b)New Republic Bank
(c)New Development Bank
(d)New BRICS Bank
(e)None of these
Answer :- (c)New Development Bank
197. What is the capital of Portugal?
(e)None of these
Answer :- (c)Lisbon 
198. What is the currency of Saudi Arabia?
(e)None of these
Answer :- (b)Riyal 
199. Upalappu Srinivas of famous for?
(e)None of these
Answer :- (a)Mandolin 
200.Who is the new Chairman & Managing Director of Allahabad Bank?
(a)S. K. Roy
(b)T.C.A Ranganathan
(c)Rakesh Sethi
(d)U. K.Sinha
(e)Rahul Khullar
Answer :-(c)Rakesh Sethi